Now That 13 Reasons Why Season 2 Is (Probably) Happening, Here's What It Could Be About

13 Reasons Why is incredibly close to securing a second season, and the writers are reportedly already at work on a new set of episodes. While I'm rooting for another season, a lot of fans were hoping the show would end with the 13-episode miniseries. If you're on the fence but still curious about what could happen if the show continues, I have some ideas. There's always the chance the writers will pick up from the very last episode of season one and show the fallout of Tony giving Hannah's parents the tapes, but they could go another route. Here are six options!

1. Another School, Another Story

Season one tells a complete story. We meet Hannah, we see her struggle and eventual suicide, and we witness the impact of her death among her peers and family. Yes, we could go on with these characters, but what if 13 Reasons Why adopted a format similar to Skins and cast a totally new set of people on the next season? Maybe it takes place at a neighboring school, or across the country. If our theory about Ross Butler leaving Riverdale to continue on with 13 Reasons Why is accurate, though, the writers probably aren't going this route.

2. College Life

While most of the actors are in their 20s, Clay and the rest of the students are juniors in high school when the season ends. Since it will take a while to write and film new episodes, it makes sense that the next chapter would hop forward in time. Maybe a new set of episodes will follow Clay into college. It would be hard to include everyone from the high school in this season, but a few select characters (like Tony, Skye, and Alex) could end up at the same college.

3. The Alternate Reality

This is a long shot, but what if season two expands on the momentary look into a different dimension in which Clay doesn't leave Hannah alone at the party? Instead of just getting a flash of them holding hands in the hall and hanging out with her mom, we'd see their entire relationship play out. We wouldn't live through the tragedy of Hannah's suicide, but if the writers feel like injecting something else into the story, they could focus on Skye's attempt to reach out to Clay. Consider this: if he gets together with Hannah, he never notices that Skye isn't OK, and Skye continues to feel unloved and unheard. This would prove that no matter how hard you try, someone else out there always needs a hand.


4. Alex's Point of View

Throughout the series, we see Alex Standall acting out more and more. While Jessica tries to drink her pain away, Alex is picking fights and appearing less and less like he cares about how the situation with the tapes is resolved. He's clearly overcome with guilt, but you may have missed all the signals that he had been heading toward a suicide attempt — unless you believe the theory about Tyler. The next season may cover the same events of season one, but from Alex's point of view. Perhaps there's more to Alex's story than what we've seen?

5. Tyler's Scream For Attention

Tyler is perhaps the most overlooked character in 13 Reasons Why — until the end. He's trying to be in the loop, begging for everyone to tell him just what the hell is going on. They won't, and in the season finale, we see that he's been building up an arsenal of weapons. The implication is that he's planning a school shooting, and most everyone on Hannah's list is a target. But how did Tyler get to that point, and will he carry out his attack? If the writers choose to focus on Tyler, we could see exactly what's been going through his mind.

6. Justin's Downward Spiral

Clay finds a sort of peace at the end of season one, content that he's done all he can do to make things right by Hannah . . . but Justin is another story. He's been torturing himself over the decision he made to allow Bryce to rape Jessica. Now that Jessica is taking steps to come confront her rape, she (rightly) refuses to speak to Justin. He's destroyed, and he's in a hopeless state at the end of season one. Season two could focus on how much worse (or better) it gets for him.