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2008 Oscar Ballot

Current leaders

  1. a_remy (16 correct)
  2. gaby10002 (16 correct)
  3. fullhart (16 correct)
  4. terpsichoria (16 correct)
  5. pat2645 (16 correct)
  6. jkingqm (16 correct)
  7. jennabriggs (15 correct)
  8. Woop (15 correct)
  9. ThatGuamGuy (15 correct)
  10. akf0601 (15 correct)

Pick the winners for this year's Oscars, and you could win fabulous prizes! We're awarding one grand prize of $1,000 cash, a second prize of $500 cash, and 10 third-place prizes of $100 movie gift cards for those of you who pick the most correct answers. For the official rules, click here.

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Join The Conversation
intime intime 9 years
pat2645 pat2645 9 years
When will you contact the winners? The suspense is killing me and I'm not getting any work done!! Thanks for the great contest and the fun site.
ExCape ExCape 9 years
I guessed 7. Could have been worse.
Wicked Wicked 9 years
I only guessed 11 correctly. How do you pick the #1 when 6 people all have 16/18 correct?
pureperfection pureperfection 9 years
Yay! It was awesome!
pipeepoodle pipeepoodle 9 years
We're halfway through and I've guessed incorrectly like, every time. Yay me!
rosannepm rosannepm 9 years
Will be an interesting Oscar
elliej elliej 9 years
This was fun! Bring on the Oscars!
kfischler kfischler 9 years
It's not going to be easy to pick the winners,
Paul1984 Paul1984 9 years
I had to guess on most of them
Paul1984 Paul1984 9 years
I had to guess on most of them
stinkmow2000 stinkmow2000 9 years
good luck everyone
beeintx beeintx 9 years
History is in the making!
demmi demmi 9 years
hope I win
Twipey Twipey 9 years
I'm in!
klp1965 klp1965 9 years
barblong barblong 9 years
This is a difficult year to pick who will win.
gsaries45 gsaries45 9 years
I haven't even seen any of these movies -- so mine are purely all guesses
intime intime 9 years
Pavloosh Pavloosh 9 years
Not exactly an exciting year!
wdtipton wdtipton 9 years
Que sera, sera!
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
You're missing some categories...sound mixing for one, but also the shorts... :? :ponder:
didiocean didiocean 9 years
nice! i can t wait!!!!
anniehall4000 anniehall4000 9 years
i can't wait to watch!
Schlauberger Schlauberger 9 years
thank you.
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