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The 2009 Golden Globes: My Take

I've polled you on your opinions on this year's Golden Globe winners, now I'm rounding up some of my thoughts on the whole shebang. . .

  • Christopher Nolan's speech accepting the award for Heath Ledger was moving and sweet without being too much. He talked about "a hole ripped in the future of cinema" when Ledger died, but that for anyone who worked with him or even saw his performances, "he will be eternally missed but never forgotten."
  • Watching Sally Hawkins stumble her way through her acceptance speech was cute, then awkward, then finally cute again. I love Emma Thompson giving her a little assist from the audience.
  • I cannot believe they showed that clip for Slumdog Millionaire. It needed to come with a spoiler alert!
  • One of the funniest things about the Golden Globes is trying to spot who's been drinking during the ceremony. Tom Wilkinson, maybe? Emma Thompson? Any others?

For more of my thoughts,


  • Awesome: Tracy Jordan's "post-racial America" speech accepting 30 Rock's award. "I love you, Europe!" and calling Lorne Michaels "Lorney Mikes" were just a few of the gems.
  • Also awesome: Tina Fey telling off her online haters.
  • In other 30 Rock moments, I thought the idea of Alec Baldwin bringing Rumer Willis juice boxes on the set was incredibly adorable.
  • In general, the Golden Globes TV awards are always weird, and this year they were weird and a little boring, with all the love for HBO programming and 30 Rock. Not that it's not deserved, but still, it felt like watching the Emmys all over again. The Globes did get a few new shows into the mix, but even they were on HBO!
  • Kate Winslet truly seemed shocked to be winning — the first time, for sure, but definitely the second time, when she couldn't even get her speech started and then yelled at the teleprompter, "You have no idea how much I am not wrapping up." Hee.
  • Her double win was one of the night's more surprising things, but as many of you pointed out, so was Colin Farrell's win for Best Actor in a Comedy or Musical. Were you rooting for anyone else to win? I figured Dustin Hoffman had a good chance, though I can see why Farrell took home the gold.
  • Some of my favorite presenter moments: Amy Poehler trying to announce the winner at the same time as Patrick Dempsey, and Don Cheadle insisting he should have been in Fargo.
  • I'm sad that those of us on the West Coast didn't get to see Darren Aronofsky give Mickey Rourke the finger. I guess I'll content myself with this: That's what Darren Aronofsky looks like? He's so . . . normal!

Source and ceremony images courtesy of NBC

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