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2009 Sundance Spotlight: The Missing Person, Paper Heart, Spread

While I won't be heading down to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival this year, I will be sorting through the humongous pile of festival entries to share with you some of the films I think look most promising. From quirky documentaries to talented young filmmaker debuts to a potential runaway hit, Sundance is filled with entertainment possibilities. Here are today's selections:

The Missing Person
Michael Shannon is getting all kinds of attention for the creepy role he plays in Revolutionary Road, which is one of the reasons this movie is already earning some early buzz out of the festival. Also starring Amy Ryan, The Missing Person looks like a slow-boiling noir that follows "a private detective prone to sardonic wit, gin, and the endless repercussions of what happens when you mix the two." Intrigued?

You can check out the trailer for this one and see some more of my picks (which include Ashton Kutcher and cutie Michael Cera) if you


Paper Heart
What would a film festival be without an adorable Michael Cera film? This time around he's paired with Charlyne Yi (who was one of my favorite things about Knocked Up), his friend (maybe girlfriend?) who came up with the idea for this movie. The movie is semi-autobiographical and follows Yi on her quest to find the kind of love that isn't "fairy-tale love or the Hollywood mythology."

While there isn't a preview clip available just yet, check out this YouTube video of Yi auditioning for Saturday Night Live to get a sense of her comedy style:

And what would a film festival be without Ashton Kutcher? Well, normal. That is to say, he's not exactly who I think of when I think Sundance. But he'll be there this year starring in Spread, which is described thusly: "Set in modern-day Los Angeles, Spread is a hard-biting story about a high-end lethario, Nikki (Ashton Kutcher), who has slept his way into a life of privilege. He shares his secrets with us as he hosts parties and beds scores of women, all while living it up at the Hollywood Hills home of a middle-aged female attorney, Samantha (Anne Heche)." I can definitely buy Kutcher as someone women would rather sex up than talk to. This thing can either go really well for him or really badly. Check out a clip from the movie below:

Source and photos and Spread clip courtesy of Sundance

details2 details2 8 years
I saw Paper Heart at Sundance. It's amazing. It's not a straight up comedy - so don't expect that. It's a sweet/endearing film about people's experiences of love AND it has Michael Cera - who is brilliant. I hope everyone gets a chance to see it. It's really great - and it just won the screenwriting award at Sundance!
DMBloyola6 DMBloyola6 8 years
I was looking forward to "Paper Heart," but heard it was getting HORRIBLE reviews at Sundance - one reviewer even called it "vile" (ouch!). Also, it was my understanding that the major beef was that it's not a comedy, and that Yi's chops don't transfer to drama.
Linda-McP Linda-McP 8 years
I love to learn about new movies; thanks, Buzz, for all the updates on Sundance.
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i'm always interested in seeing new movies, and we'll see if ashton can act :) ok..well he's typically done comedy so maybe this will be something new for him.
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