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2009 Sundance Spotlight: Motherhood and Grace

While I won't be heading down to the 2009 Sundance Film Festival this year, I will be sorting through the humongous pile of festival entries to share with you some of the films I think look most promising. From quirky documentaries to talented young filmmaker debuts to a potential runaway hit, Sundance is filled with entertainment possibilities.

Today's spotlight is kind of fun in that both of these selections have some provocative points of view regarding motherhood and make for a nice — if a little weird — themed post. Check them out:

"Mommy blogging" is a pretty popular thing to do, what with many new moms wanting to document each and every step of their parental journeys. This movie, starring Uma Thurman and Minnie Driver, looks like it takes a darkly humorous look at the life of one such mommy blogger. Motherhood follows Uma's character Eliza who "has to throw her daughter's sixth birthday party, battle for a parking space, chase her toddler son, navigate playground politics, repair a botched birthday cake, contemplate a fling with a sexy messenger half her age, juggle a career-changing opportunity, find time to have a breakdown, briefly run away from home, and realize what is truly valuable in her life — all in one day." Sounds kind of funny, actually

You can check out a clip of Motherhood in which Minnie Driver's character is pretty peeved at Uma's character for blogging about her here.

To see another one of my Sundance finds that has to do with a very, very different kind of motherhood, just


Um. So. This movie looks really disturbing and that's a huge understatement. I'm not totally sure I'll ever be able to see this myself, but I feel compelled to share with you my awe that this is out there in the world. Grace is about a pregnant woman who is "determined to carry the stillborn baby to term, where she miraculously wills the delivered corpse into life. But it is not too long before the increasingly isolated mother realizes that something is not right with baby Grace, and she must make horrible sacrifices to keep her living." One reviewer who watched this at Sundance describes it in this way: "If you are the sort of person who might enjoy an effed-up gore fest about a woman who delivers an undead baby, you can rest assured that Grace lives up to its potential." It sounds nuts!

Here's the teaser trailer. Nothing insane happens per se, but there is a baby with blood on it and other stuff that makes for a generally disturbing video-watching experience. Proceed with caution.

Photos courtesy of Sundance

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