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2011 Book Recommendations

Buzz Blabber: New Books to Add to Your Reading List

You guys love books just as much as you love television shows and movies, and this week you had a lot to say about your favorite reads and how you feel when they are adapted for the big screen. Coincidentally, you also had a lot to say about a show based on a series of books: True Blood. Check out this week's hottest topics!

Book lovers shared their favorite reads

  • "I'm reading the Hunger Games and I can't put it down. I love it and find myself reading it every chance I get." — spaa649
  • "I loved Divergent by Veronica Roth and Cassandra Clare's Clockwork Angel. I have a serious soft spot for young-adult fiction. I really loved Hunger Games as well, but I read that about 40 books ago." — cheechee
  • "The Passage by Justin Cronin. It's a vampire/postapocalyptic book, which is actually the first in a series. It's no Twilight or young-adult nonsense. It's pure adult, cerebral amazement." — CaterpillarGirl

Find out what else got you talking when you


Fans of One Day rally around the book in the wake of the film release

  • "This book is absolutely stunning, shame the movie doesn't live up, but I guess I should've seen that coming. I'll still see it. Glad to hear Jim Sturgess is great — never had any doubts about him. I cringe whenever I hear Anne's "British" accent. Was it so impossible to find an actual Brit girl?" — ChelMarie
  • "I think I need to try the book again. I started reading it and just couldn't convince myself that these two characters would even want to talk to each other, let alone have a relationship. They were just so different!" — likethedirection
  • "I'd have thought that Anne Hathaway's stint as Jane Austen in Becoming Jane would have helped. But I love the book as well. I'm still going to see the movie so I can do my own comparison." — nylorac

Is True Blood going downhill?

  • "I am over the whole Sookie and Eric thing . . . when is she going to listen to her Gran and stay away from him [and see] that he is no good. I think there was always a little good in him, but now with the witch, I imagine he will be worse than before." — care0531
  • "The weird snowing bed thing was lame and took away from actual story lines." — Renees3
  • "So, Alcide fawns all over Debbie, then runs after Sookie. I have never truly disliked any character on this show until Alcide, and I detest him. There is just something so smarmy about him. Of course, next week we return to the same old tired routine, Saint Bill to the rescue to save Sookie from dying of a gunshot wound. Where, oh where are the surprises that Alan Ball continues to allude to when he always has Bill rush in to save the day? I'm not saying I'm opposed to Bill nor that I mind if he and Sookie end up together. In fact I hope they do, then fade into fairyland together because both characters are so incredibly boring together or apart." — Asfandancer
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