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2011 Golden Globe Awards Ballot 2011-01-06 10:14:19

2011 Golden Globes Ballot

Current leaders

  1. StevenB606 (19 correct)
  2. Uncle-Binty (19 correct)
  3. amymarie2777 (19 correct)
  4. vandywisky (19 correct)
  5. brobr6 (19 correct)
  6. Msonsky82443 (19 correct)
  7. rlgj89 (18 correct)
  8. kevinj (18 correct)
  9. pjs411 (18 correct)
  10. mfalzone (18 correct)

Pick the Golden Globe winners and you could win $1,000!

Join The Conversation
moomoochan moomoochan 6 years
Good luck everyone
Karamel324 Karamel324 6 years
Good Luck everyone
mcnaney mcnaney 6 years
I love these shows
willitara willitara 6 years
I'm rarely right so we'll see what the results are.
evonlee evonlee 6 years
It will be fun to watch tonight!
welby_studio welby_studio 6 years
hard to predict these!
tupik3702 tupik3702 6 years
Don't ya just love the movies and television. I watch as much as I can and love every minute of it!
Ladyd27 Ladyd27 6 years
Rarely watch TV anymore and there were so many entries I never heard of before now so I hope I guessed right!
nukesandchems nukesandchems 6 years
I'm usually pretty good at picking the Golden Globes, but this year there were a few shows/people I didn't know. I'm a nerd that likes to watch GG/Oscars with a ballot sheet. :)
ape2016 ape2016 6 years
I know some of these categories are no-contest. Not that it matters, I watch awards shows for the fancy gowns.
Weidknecht Weidknecht 6 years
Fingers crossed!
LittlePinkStar LittlePinkStar 6 years
lets see how it turns out!
cjbstar cjbstar 6 years
I did not see all the movies and shows, but I voted for strong actors and actresses
reallybad reallybad 6 years
I voted for the actors and actresses that I like, even though I didn't see all the movies.
jane95 jane95 6 years
I didn't watch a lot of the movies but I know the actors and actresses I like.
gramhebert gramhebert 6 years
TV is getting better every season
mensa63 mensa63 6 years
Didn't watch some, watched some a time or two and then rejected them and the only one that I continue to like and watch is Big Bang Theory. It makes no pretence at anything but being fun.
LegalSweep LegalSweep 6 years
no thanks
le-romantique le-romantique 6 years
It's so hard to vote for television categories since the only show I watched this whole year was Boardwalk Empire... and I don't have any cable access at all. haha
mollyparnis mollyparnis 6 years
I hope answering the questiona are I I need to do to enter…
emptypocketgrad emptypocketgrad 6 years
Who ever made this ballot needs to check the spelling of the composer's listed in best score, specifically 127 hours and King's Speech. It's so laughably bad.
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