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2011 Oscar Nomination Reader Reaction and Online Comment Roundup

Buzz Readers Talk Oscars: Your Reactions to the 2011 Nominations

We are in full-swing Oscar madness now that this year's nominees have been revealed. You've heard reaction to the nods from PopSugar and BuzzSugar editors, the nominees themselves, and now it's time to hear from another group of critics: you! You guys let it all out in the comments section of yesterday's news, so I pulled out some of the most interesting, passionate, and critical opinions. Check them out!

The legion of The King's Speech fans speak

  • "I love The King's Speech. It so deserves all the nominations its been getting. It's a great story and the acting was fantastic!" — ktc71
  • "Yay! I was rooting for The King's Speech from the beginning, there's some brilliant acting in there — and not just from Colin Firth. Otherwise I was hoping to see The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo in the foreign film category or Noomi Rapace for best actress, but one can't have everything. . . " — krispin
  • "I finally saw The King's Speech this weekend and it was soooooooo good. Colin Firth was amazing and Geoffrey Rush and Helena were just fun to watch. So happy Michelle Williams made the cut. Disappointed Nolan wasn't nominated for Best Director. Other than that, the list seems pretty spot on. I think most of us can predict who will win, but I'm most interested in the Best Supporting Actress race now that Hailee has been thrown in and Best Picture since its pretty much a toss up between The King's Speech and The Social Network. — redchick152

To read some more reader reactions, including praise and jeers, just


Cheers for your faves

  • "I'm so happy Toy Story 3 was not just nominated in the animated movie category. Of the films on the list that I have seen, it was by far the best with the most heart." — Rory1225
  • "Glad to see Winter's Bone receive so many nominations, I just wish they recognized the female director. I guess two years in a row is too much." — sookeh

Sounding off on snubs

  • "I'm OK with some of those but I think that there were a LOT of snubs. Where's more of the Inception folks? Where's Mila? I would have liked to see Johnny although I know why they usually avoid his roles at the Oscars. We'll just have to wait and see what happens. I'm thrilled that the girl from True Grit got a nod — how awesome is that — your FIRST film and you get one, just like Abigail Breslin all those years ago." — ilanac13
  • "No cinematography nod for I Am Love? That movie was so beautiful to watch, like being wrapped in a silk dress. I'm really surprised!" — jadenirvana
  • "I would take out The Kids Are All Right (I only know one person who saw it and she said it was terrible) and Inception (the most over-rated lousy movie I have ever seen) and put in The Town and Buried. When the lights came on in the movie theater at the end of Buried, the whole audience just sat there with their mouths open. It was unbelievable!"— Iluvlucyfan
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