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2012 Golden Globe Awards Ballot

2012 Golden Globes Ballot

Current leaders

  1. RockAndRepublic (21 correct)
  2. travelsalot (21 correct)
  3. jerryg (21 correct)
  4. osudc89 (21 correct)
  5. enelra18 (21 correct)
  6. brobr6 (20 correct)
  7. StevenB606 (20 correct)
  8. kelm00 (19 correct)
  9. YAL15M (19 correct)
  10. Msonsky82443 (19 correct)

Pick the Golden Globe winners and you could win $1,000!
Official Rules

Join The Conversation
lemmid lemmid 5 years
hey yo
Gloria-Luongo Gloria-Luongo 5 years
Good Luck Everyone!
LadyCore LadyCore 5 years
I guess we shall see what happens....Good Luck everyone !!
vandywisky vandywisky 5 years
Back to back.
Schlauberger Schlauberger 5 years
Thank you for the chance...!
kwseay kwseay 5 years
I should be up there.
jwolfe jwolfe 5 years
As long as Maggie Smith wins for her fight with a swivel chair, I'm a happy girl.
thorthor111 thorthor111 5 years
TY for a chance!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! good luck everyone!
vickilorenz vickilorenz 5 years
This will be interesting!
kjk2767 kjk2767 5 years
Kathryn-I Kathryn-I 5 years
I'll be watching and hoping!!!!!!
inky08 inky08 5 years
good luck
rtrexel rtrexel 5 years
This would be awesome to win
xxSeijixx xxSeijixx 5 years
ow god! im think im gonna lost this ! ! George Clooney to many votes @_@
ameerah26 ameerah26 5 years
Some of my answers are based on who I THINK will win but not necessarily who I WANT to win. Winning the prize would be awesome!
kitiara65 kitiara65 5 years
good luck
Pamela937 Pamela937 5 years
good luck
mjf501 mjf501 5 years
good luck
bestill59 bestill59 5 years
hope my selection puts me 0n top.
ktgonyea ktgonyea 5 years
Good Luck to all :)
EvoniAdam EvoniAdam 5 years
cant wait for the results!
tamatha-h tamatha-h 5 years
didnt go with the odds on a few but hopefully my picks will be right..
bstgrmacx1 bstgrmacx1 5 years
Luck to all
MT9922 MT9922 5 years
We'll see......hope I did good.
mansfieldlee mansfieldlee 5 years
ooh, my picks arent so good
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