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Even without the writers' strike, the seventh season of Fox's 24 might have been in trouble. The show had some fairly legendary production problems that caused the writers to scrap one entire plotline that would have sent Jack to Africa.

Now, it looks like some good will come from the delay after all: The producers will finally get to delve into their Africa storyline — not for a whole season, but for a two-hour prequel designed to fill in the long gap between seasons of the show. The prequel is set to air sometime in the Fall, and producer Manny Coto told the Associated Press that it would find Jack wandering around the world, ultimately finding himself in the middle of a war-torn country:

"He's a soul in turmoil and has been moving from place to place trying to find somewhere he can be at peace. But he winds up in Africa in the middle of a military coup."

That Jack just can't catch a break, can he? The events of the prequel will lead directly into the seventh season, which is set to start in January 2009.

Meanwhile, the rest of the season sounds like it's proceeding as previously planned, with eight episodes already shot. Jack will be subpoenaed by the Senate for crimes against humanity; there's a new president (played by Cherry Jones) running things, and Tony Almeida is, mysteriously, living again.

Has this long break made you miss 24? Do you think you'll pick the show back up when the special airs later this year?

Photo courtesy of Fox

Join The Conversation
i love 24! hurry up and come back!
digitalbombshell digitalbombshell 9 years
I miss 24 oh soo much! I'm so glad that we'll see jack this year, even if its only for two hours.
Gamine Gamine 9 years
This prequel sounds interesting, but why would Jack be wandering around the world? I thought he was supposed to be seeking vengeance against the people who turned Audrey into a catatonic shell of a woman. Also, I think Tony's survival is utterly improbable, but I like it; I hate the way they took him out. Too bad there was no way for Edgar to have a second chance! Moreover, I love that on "24" we've had two black presidents and a woman president. Come on, America, catch up!
snowak snowak 9 years
I love the show and can't wait for it to come back. The Africa prequel sounds great.
linds1019 linds1019 9 years
I've missed 24! I can't wait for it to start again!
radarkitty radarkitty 9 years
24 forgotten?! I don't think so. I think about the show every day of my life. What would Jack Bauer do? Of course, I happen to have a thing for Kiefer. ;) I can't wait until he's back!
sweetrae80 sweetrae80 9 years
i'm rewatching past seasons to catch up
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
I think the strike ruined this show. It will be soooo long before we see it that it will have been forgotten about.
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