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"24" Recap: 10:00-11:00 A.M.

"24" Recap: 10:00-11:00 A.M.

At the beginning, of this week's "24" we're reminded that a nuclear bomb has gone off in Valencia, a suburb of Los Angeles. Tom Lennox reports that there have been no less than 12,000 casualties thus far. Four more tactical weapons remain, and the government has no idea where they are. Civilian air traffic has been shut down. The Secret Service move the president down to a bunker, and the President says he wants to deliver a televised speech to the public within the hour.

Fayed calls McCarthy, the man who sold him the weapons. Fayed says the bomb blew up before it reached its target and offers to pay McCarthy double if he can find someone who can make sure the triggers work on the remaining four weapons. Later, in the car with his whiny girlfriend, McCarthy tells Fayed he can find someone, and to have his money ready. Fayed then instructs one of his men to "tell these men these bombs will go off as scheduled, today."

Meanwhile, people in the suburbs are panicking. Jack saves a man from a crashed helicopter and then calls Bill Buchanan and says he wants back in. To find out what happens next,

The Admiral, a member of President Palmer's team, wants to strike multiple countries suspected of being involved in the attacks, saying, "These people want to live in the stone age, let’s put them there.” President Palmer disagrees, wishing to target only the enemy. Tom suggests using the bomb to make people get on board for the detention centers, deportation, and other extreme “national security” measures. The President refuses, wanting the speech to have a calming effect.

Assad arrives at CTU and meets Bill Buchanan, who refuses to shake his hand. Assad keeps saying that he came to U.S. to enact peace and knew nothing of nukes. He does name the source of the bomb: Dmitri Gredenko. Morris finds a list of people in L.A. who had contact with Gredenko on business channels, and one is Phillip Bauer, Jack’s father. Bill informs Jack of everything, and Jack says he’ll find his dad and talk to him. When he calls his father’s house, however, Sam the house servant says Jack’s father left the day before without saying where he was going. Apparently, even Jack's brother Graem doesn't know where he went.

Liddy, the head of security at the Bauer mansion, overhears Sam’s conversation with Jack and calls Graem. Graem says they should have killed Jack when they had the chance instead of handing him over to the Chinese. Jack then calls Graem, who claims not to know where their father is. Graem goes back to his house and tells his wife Marilyn that Jack is back. (Anyone notice she's the same woman who plays Nathan Petrelli's wife in "Heroes"?) Graem then accuses Marilyn of still harboring feelings for Jack.

Nadia believes that Assad wants peace. Bill tells Assad they have arranged to take him to Washington DC via military jet and they shake hands. (Tell me: Do you think Assad can be trusted?)

At Walid’s detention center, the FBI men come in again, this time to put a wire on Walid. Sandra objects, saying he’s not trained for it, but FBI guys ignore her. The FBI men approach Walid and haul him into the bathroom to put the wire on and make the other detainees think that he's not with the FBI. One of the men who was overheard talking about the four other bombs goes over to Walid and asks him questions. Walid lies, saying he was going to set up a meeting with Abu Fayed but his efforts were thwarted. The man denies knowing Fayed, but invites Walid to join his group of suspicious characters.

Jack goes to Graem’s house and meets Josh, Graham’s teenage son. In a private room, Jack tells Graem about their dad’s relationship with Gredenko, and Graem claims not to know anything yet again. Jack punches his brother, ties him to a chair, and then smothers him with a plastic bag.

Finally, the President begins his speech to the American public.

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