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"24" Recap: 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

"24" Recap: 11:00 A.M.-12:00 P.M.

In this week's "24," we get an inside look at some of the Bauer family dynamics, while Walid is revealed to be a mole at the detention facility. Read on for my highlights from the sixth hour of this season's "24" and tell me what you thought of last night's episode.

  • Karen Hayes calls Tom Lennox on his sneaky practices, such as employing racial profiling tactics without presidential consent. Tom decides that Karen is going to get in his way too much, so he blackmails her into resigning. He says he knows that Karen's new hubby, Bill Buchanan, previously had terrorist Fayed in the government's possession but let him go. In the end, Karen asks the President to be reassigned.
  • Jack bullies his brother Graem into admitting that Darren McCarthy stole nukes from the company that Graem runs with their father, Phillip; McCarthy then sold those nukes to terrorists. Phillip has a security team staking out McCarthy in Simi Valley, so Jack unties Graem and the two set off to find their dad.

Lots more action, so

  • Back at CTU, Nadia is being denied access to normal operations, as she is under scrutiny for being of Middle Eastern descent. Outraged, Milo illegally signs her in with his ID so she can resume her normal work.
  • At the detention center, Walid finds out that one of the detainees, Heydar, smuggled in his cell phone, and the FBI man wants access to the SIM card. Walid notices Heydar checking a message and pretends to fall down in front of him. When Heydar helps him up, Walid pockets the phone. The FBI man instructs Walid to dial a particular number using the phone so they can trace it, and Chloe manages to log the phone's SIM card.
  • Jack sees his father again and chastises him for not handing over all his information about McCarthy and the nukes. Phillip claims he wanted to spare Graem from going to prison, and ultimately decides to do it Jack's way and tell the government everything they know.
  • McCarthy and his girlfriend Rita check into a motel, hoping to avoid being found.
  • Chloe discovers that the cell phone's SIM card has no numbers that connect to Fayed, and determines that the detainees are not directly involved in the bombings. She orders Walid out of the detention center, but before he can leave, Heydar realizes that his phone is missing. The other detainees find the phone on Walid and start attacking him until a guard pulls them off.
  • Graem isn't satisfied with his father's decision to reveal their information to CTU, so he has his cronies hold his father and Jack at gunpoint. He takes Jack's phone so he can't call CTU, and the episode ends with Graem's men loading Jack and Phillip into a van.
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