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"24" Recap: Episode 7, 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M.

"24" Recap: Episode 7, 12:00 P.M.-1:00 P.M.

Yikes! Jack's dad is a real heartless bastard! And that James Cromwell looks so gentle and kind, doesn't he? In this week's episode of "24," Jack's emotions are really jerked around, and he grapples with his sense of familial duty. Meanwhile, the President mulls Tom Lennox's plans for homeland security, which threaten to dismantle the Constitution. Check out the highlights from this week's episode:

  • President Palmer is resistant to sign Lennox’s plans, knowing they abuse power and civil liberties. Yet he is swayed by Lennox's arguments and tells his cabinet to convene and put the plans in effect.
  • Karen tells Bill Buchanan that she resigned, but she refuses to tell him why.

  • Handcuffed in the van, Jack's father Phillip wearily says that everything he ever did was for Jack, and that after Jack left, Graem was all he had. Jack and Phillip arrive at a cement plant and — just before Graem's men are about to shoot them — Jack and Phillip overtake them and free themselves. They then head back to Graem's house.

Many more riveting highlights, so

  • McCarthy tells Fayed he has found someone to program the bomb triggers but warns him that the engineer will have to be "coerced.” The phone call is intercepted by CTU, and Morris gets to work trying to salvage an image of the engineer that McCarthy sent to Fayed.
  • Back at Graem's house, Jack straps Graem into a chair and starts questioning him about his knowledge of McCarthy. Graem denies knowing anything, and Jack begins torturing his brother, screaming at him to tell him what he knows. Graem continues to say he knows nothing, though finally admits that he was responsible for the assassinations of David Palmer, Tony Almeida, and Michelle Dessler. He also admits that he'd tried to have Jack killed before. Jack believes that Graem doesn't know anything about McCarthy.
  • At CTU, Morris is told that his brother was harmed in the bombing in Valencia and is in critical condition. He leaves for the hospital, and the photo image of the engineer comes up on the screen: it's Morris. Just as CTU calls Morris to tell him that he is the engineer McCarthy is bringing to Fayed, McCarthy takes Morris into his car at gunpoint.
  • Sandra Palmer tells her brother everything that went on with Walid at the detention center. President Palmer sees how things can get out of hand if civil liberties are taken away. The Vice President, who is in agreement with Tom Lennox's plan, is patched into the cabinet meeting. The President, however, surprises them by saying that he is rejecting Tom's plan once more. The Vice President asks him to listen to other peoples' ideas, but President Palmer says the discussion is closed.
  • Drained from all the emotional torturing of his brother, Jack sits with his father and they have a tired heart-to-heart. His father asks for some time alone, and Jack leaves. Phillip then goes into the room with Graem, who proudly says he never told Jack about Phillip's involvement in the plot while being tortured. Phillip, not confident that Graem can stay closed-mouthed for long, injects Graem with a full dose of hyocine-pentothal. Graem convulses as Phillip stares into his son's eyes and then Graem’s body goes limp. Phillip kisses him on the head before calling frantically to the CTU agents that his son has had a seizure.

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