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"24" Recap: Episodes 8 and 9, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

"24" Recap: Episodes 8 and 9, 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m.

On this week's two-hour special night of "24"...

  • President Palmer asks Assad to make a speech asking Islamic communities everywhere to help bring down Fayed. Assad is afraid his people will think he has become an American puppet, but President Palmer insists. Tom Lennox and the Vice President see this as the terrorists "winning."
  • Lennox is fed up with the President and asks his man Reed to draft up his resignation letter. Unfortunately, Reed can't do that because he is a shady guy with his own agenda and needs Tom to stay in the White House so he can go through with his evil plans.

For more info about these afternoon hours,

  • Morris is tortured into programming the nukes, and Jack saves his life in the nick of time — not to mention everyone else's by disabling the one suitcase bomb Fayed left behind. The other three suitcase nukes are now programmed and in the hands of Fayed, who is answering to Gredenko.
  • Jack wants to be noble and take full responsibility for Graem's death.
  • Jack asks his father, Phillip, if he knows anything about Gredenko, and Phillip lies, saying he doesn't. Graem's widow Marilyn has a fuzzy memory about where his house is, so Jack takes her with him to find Gredenko. Meanwhile, Phillip offers to take Graem's son Josh to his house but instead brings him to a hotel.
  • The writers sidestep the sticky issue of making Arab-Americans responsible for the terrorism thusly: Russian Gredenko comments that his country was scared to use nuclear weapons on America during the Cold War, but now he can enact terrorism his way “and the Arabs will take all the blame." That's right, blame the Russians; they're not as controversial.
  • Morris returns to CTU, broken and ashamed, and Chloe gets annoyed with his surly, post-traumatic attitude and slaps him, which it sort of seems like he got enough of for one day.
  • Phillip calls Marilyn and tells her that he killed Graem and will kill Josh, too if she leads Jack to Gredenko. Terrified, Marilyn keeps quiet as they pass Gredenko's house and instead leads Jack to an address Phillip gives her.
  • Jack sees the place is empty, except for a blinking explosive. Milo realizes they are being attacked and hurries Marilyn away in a van. Bad guys shoot out their tires, so Milo explodes the van as he and Marilyn flee the scene. Jack wakes up amid the rubble, calls to his team on the radio, but nobody responds.

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Speedbump Speedbump 10 years
Ok...after Morris made the program, he was surprised to see that the bombs were there in the same room. And then we find out that he made the program work. If he had thought the bomb would be somewhere else, wouldn't he made a fake program to buy a little more time? And...if he were such a great programmer, you'd think that he would make a timer on it or something to expire and not be used for the remaining bombs. Why didn't Grahm's wife tell Bauer? I don't get it. You'd think she would be smart enough to tell him what's up and then jack could figure out what to do. Anyway, jack is a freakin god and I LOVE this show.
marissaguenther marissaguenther 10 years
Jack Bauer has to save the world from the nukes but who is going to save President Palmer? Hopefully Lennox will crack and another Palmer won't be assasinated!
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