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Pop was right to suspect me of chickening out of seeing 30 Days of Night — I very nearly did. Normally I enjoy the opportunity to see a horror flick, even if it might give me the creeps for days afterward. However, the trailer for this movie terrified me enough, and I could only imagine what the movie itself would entail. But I bucked up, dragged a friend, and only spent maybe three-quarters of the time curled into a tight, unyielding ball. I'm glad I went, but I was totally right: this movie scared the bejesus out of me.

30 Days of Night brings us to Barrow: a sleepy, isolated town in the northern most part of Alaska on the last day of sunlight before being taken over by darkness for 30 days in the winter. Sheriff Eban Oleman (Mr. Manjoyment himself, Josh Hartnett) really shall we say, "sunk his teeth" into this role. Get it? Okay, to move on,

Director David Slade sure knows how to pile on the tension in this movie, as he did with his indie thriller Hard Candy. You know something is going to jump out at you but you just can't tell exactly when. Layer on the creepy soundtrack, crazy camera angles with all those shadows, amazing vampire makeup (along with a whole vampire language and utterly terrifying noises), and you have the prefect recipe for a scared-so-badly-I-almost-peed-my-pants movie.

In many ways, this is your typical vampire genre movie. You know how it goes: quiet, tense moments quickly followed by loud action sequences and a hint of love story thrown in to keep you from vomiting long enough to get you to the next blood-soaked moment. But what sets it apart are the circumstances. Vampires in Alaska in the winter! No waiting it out for 12 measly hours — this time they're trapped there for a month. If that doesn't "suck" I don't know what does (sorry, had to sneak in one more of those).

Eban (Hartnett) and Stella (Melissa George) are believably heroic, trying to keep the remaining survivors alive for the 30 days. Nothing is ever so over-the-top to that you'll chuckle with disbelief and lose interest. The movie also succeeds in showing us that blood-sucking vampires are part human too, not just raging crazies. They're smart and have definitely (definitely) planned ahead this time around.

All in all, the movie taught me a few lessons:

  1. Don't move to Alaska.
  2. See this film in the daylight hours.
  3. Preferably with someone that won't laugh at you too hard if you do in fact, wet yourself.

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Join The Conversation
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
jaclyn... i saw it last night and def laughed out loud at certain parts that were SUPPOSED to be scary. i liked it... i agree tho that the ending SUCKED. but i thought they did a decent job. a friend of mine that went actualy had read the comics and whatnot and said it was pretty accurate. he also said theres 20 or so spin offs so lets expect a sequel.
jaclynloro jaclynloro 9 years
Wow. I honestly am doubting your credibility with this review. My mom and I went to see it together (she likes vampires, I like Josh Hartnett) and I am normally Ms. Scaredy Cat but could not control my laughter the first time one of the vampires shrieked. And their Eastern European plus African Click language? What the hell? And although I find Josh dreamy, he can't really act his way out of a tin can, especially in this flick. And the ending was terrible. I was rolling my eyes through 75% of the movie. What a joke.
amanda-lee90479 amanda-lee90479 9 years
I am a big fan of the comic, and the movie was really awesome. If you like to be kept on the edge of your seat... deffinately see this film!
zizibe zizibe 9 years
MY REVIEW: I'm not a fan of intense movies because I seen relaxation! But this movie isn't that scary. There's the usual gore and surprise attacks, and resembles 28 days/weeks very much, just less disturbing. WORTH WATCHING
Mindbolt Mindbolt 9 years
Oy Vey, that sounds scary, i don't know… Ironically i was able to get through the graphic novel, without nightmares, but i think live action will definately make my bejesus run screaming…
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
*Great :oops:
gruaig_rua gruaig_rua 9 years
Grea review Buzz. This is a movie I hadn't even considered watching but after reading this part of me really wants to see it, and the other part of me is a little freaked out just reading about it.....
Scarlet Scarlet 9 years
Ahhhhh, can't wait!! I'm a sucker for vampire movies.
DejaVecu DejaVecu 9 years
I am majorly excited about this one. Steve Niles is awesome. The graphic novel was great and from the stills I have seen...some of the shots really look like good reproductions of his artowrk. (I love horror.)
nicachica nicachica 9 years
oh lordy, my boyfriend wants to drag me to see this and i'm afraid he's going to succeed. i'm hoping i can convince him to see an older scary flick that's playing at the independent theater!
Cymone Cymone 9 years
can't wait! scary movies are my favorite!
ddene5713 ddene5713 9 years
I AM DYING TO SEE THIS MOVIE! ever since the previews in i know who killed me... it looks so good and this review makes me want to see it even more.
Entertainment Entertainment 9 years
bhilb — yup! Made the change. Thanks!
bhilb bhilb 9 years
Isn't it Melissa George?
Phasekitty Phasekitty 9 years
Oh man- I know I'll see it, I think it'll be great, my boyfriend won't laugh at me too hard if I wet myself...but I'm scared already! Yikes!
LuciLu LuciLu 9 years
haha my boyfriend would LOVE this. i would definitely pee myself.
Murple Murple 9 years
Someone just told me the TV trailer alone gave them nightmares. Too bad my husband hates scary movies. It's been a long time since I've seen a good vampire movie.
CaterpillarGirl CaterpillarGirl 9 years
seeing it tonight. Finally an R rated horror movie
Lovely_1 Lovely_1 9 years
Oh no my boyfriend is going to make me watch this :(
Chaoticfury Chaoticfury 9 years
Saw it: My friend screamed her head off and that was the most entertaining part of the film to me. It was gory and horrific, which I loved, but some of the shots were too unsteady for me. The ending was very good though (no spoilers, promise!!) Good see it with a bunch of friends: half can scream and hide under the chairs and the other half can point and laugh. :P
Linda-McP Linda-McP 9 years
Love the review, Buzz, especially the lessons learned. Think I'll wait for Netflix on this one.
terryt18 terryt18 9 years
Ooh, I love horror flicks and cannot wait to see this one! I'ma leave my bejesus at home.
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