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5 Favorite Movies So Bad, They're Actually Kind of Good

OhBlerg's Top 5 Movies so Bad, They're Actually Kind of Good

The following post is from OhBlerg, who submitted it to the Movie Reviews Group in Buzz Community.

Even the cheekiest, cheesiest, or most ridiculous flicks house a gem element that makes them worth your time. You just have to let go. Breathe. And prepare to giggle for at least 90 minutes. Here are five films that I believe suffered unfairly for their poorly developed plots, less than dazzling acting, or unmemorable final cut. I watched them once. And then watched them again. And they were way better the second time around.

  • Glitter — It's almost been a decade and any profile of poor Mariah Carey jabs with this one. I say grab your best girlfriend, a glass of vino, and watch it again. You'll wince at the lip-syncing, plot and hair, but get shivers from the singalong worthy tunes, Mariah's producer boyfriend's sleeveless tanks and appearances from Da Brat and Padma Lakshmi. And glitter. Lots and lots of glitter.

For more of OhBlerg's picks, read more.

  • Step Up — Sure, the poor-boy-dancing plot is tired and the lines are laughable, but it's Channing Tatum. Dancing. Channing Tatum. (Bonus points: Channing Tatum and co-star Jenna Dewan later married. Swoon.)
  • Because I Said So — Sure, the idea of being set up by mom makes any gal gag, but Diane Keaton couldn't be more convincing playing neurotic mom to a neurotic Mandy Moore. From polka dot dresses to karaoke and single dad sweetness: you'll love to hate it.
  • I Could Never Be Your Woman — You've almost never heard of this one, right? Paul Rudd plays a dreamy young actor who falls for an older producer, played by Michelle Pfeiffer. She somehow looks younger than him in this film. She makes jokes about her messy hair. He leaves an egg beater on her car. Think Clueless-meets-a-smarter-Cougar Town.
  • Fast and Furious series — Muscle cars and Vin Diesel may seem reason enough to cruise past this series, but don't. Grab some some road trip snacks. Buckle up. Take the ride.

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