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50 Shades of Grey Anastasia Casting

Who Should Play Anastasia in Fifty Shades of Grey?

There's been plenty of buzz about who Universal will cast in the upcoming movie adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey, especially with Alexander Skarsgard and Ian Somerhalder expressing interest in playing Christian Grey. But let's shift gears a bit and put the spotlight on the female lead, Anastasia Steele. In the books, Christian's love interest is a 21-year-old who's never had sex before, let alone been involved in a S&M relationship. She's the classic insecure beautiful girl who doesn't know she's beautiful (and therefore spends a lot of time talking about how she's not as good-looking as the guy she's seeing).

Amanda Seyfried's name has been tossed out before, but I'd like to see someone who's a little less mainstream. A friend mentioned Pretty Little Liars' Lucy Hale, who seems to strike the right balance of doe-eyed innocence and strong will. What's your take — who have you been envisioning in the role?

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Emily14579056 Emily14579056 4 years
lucy hale
Emily14579056 Emily14579056 4 years
lucy hale is perfect
Brandy3341063 Brandy3341063 4 years
WHO SHOULD PLAY ANASTASIA IN FIFTY SHADES OF GREY?  Bar far the best choice is Emilia Clarke. She is a great actress and drop dead gorgeous to boot. As far as who I see as christian thats tuff but first choice is Chris Hemsworth or maybe Ian Somerhalder
StarryEyz StarryEyz 4 years
Ashley Greene or Lucy Hale. And check out male model Johannes Huebl, if he can act idk but damn if his looks don't scream Christian Grey.  @50shadescrazy Jason Statham for Taylor, um yes please!
izzygrl izzygrl 4 years
Colin Egglesfield would make the perfect mr. grey! with his eyes <# him and shailene woodley as ana would be perfect! and juliana hough as kate!!!
izzygrl izzygrl 4 years
deffidently shailene woodley!!!!
Myrna2969449 Myrna2969449 4 years
Anne Hathaway makes the perfect Anastasia Steele. As for Mr. 50 Shades himself, Ryan Gosling or Christian Bale. Jose Rodriguez coudn't fit any more perfect for Adam Rodriguez, from CSI Miami. Since this book has been horribly misconstrued by people that do not comprehend the plot nor background to the story in this amazing Trilogy, it is a must to be supported by an excellent cast.
Cindy2915753 Cindy2915753 4 years
Boy if they could find a young Robert Redford.  Now he would make a perfect Christian!!!!
stacijo stacijo 4 years
I would like to see Shantel VanSanten as Anastasia.
silentwispa silentwispa 4 years
I think Dave Annable would play a great Mr Grey!!
flap410 flap410 4 years
Felicity Jones or Emilia Clarke as Ana and Ben Barnes as Christian! 
whisper521 whisper521 5 years
Whilst Chris Hemsworth is gorgeous he would not be able to pull off a mature 27 year old that progresses backward in youth appearance as he shed's his issues.   I still feel the actors not only have to look good on screen they have to act to pull off the roll, be believable on camera.  Chemistry is also key,  that being said I am still rooting for Henry Cavill and Alexis Bledsoe. And I hope they stick as close the book as possible.  And even though the story was inspired by twilight, think it would be best if it were treated as a completely different story all together.  This is a story for an adult audience.
50shadescrazy 50shadescrazy 5 years
I'd like to see:   Alexis Bledel or Michelle Trachtenberg would be perfect as Anastasia. Ian Somerhalder, David Beckham, or William Levy as Christian. Rachel McAdams or Isla Fisher as Katherine. Kellan Lutz as Elliot. Wilmer Valderrama as Jose. Kim Cattrall as Elena. Jason Statham or Liam Neeson as Taylor.
50shadescrazy 50shadescrazy 5 years
I'd like to see:   Alexis Bledel or Michelle Trachtenberg would be perfect as Anastasia. Ian Somerhalder or William Levy as Christian. Rachel McAdams or Isla Fisher as Katherine. Kellan Lutz as Elliot. Wilmer Valderrama as Jose. Kim Cattrall as Elena. Jason Statham or Liam Neeson as Taylor.          
Laly2792205 Laly2792205 5 years
 @Carmansen You should look up alexis bledel sexy scene of madmen on youtube, believe me. she is plenty sexy.  
Laly2792205 Laly2792205 5 years
 @Haleigh2682882 Emily browning doesn't have great legs, in the book Ana had legs to kill for..
Laly2792205 Laly2792205 5 years
 @Johanna2690282 Sarah Shahi is not pale, Ana was described as being really pale.
Laly2792205 Laly2792205 5 years
Alexis Bledel! She would be perfect and fits the description spot on!
Lisa2786235 Lisa2786235 5 years
NINA DOBREV for Ana she is perfect  for the part    
Johanna2690282 Johanna2690282 5 years
I completely agree that she made the book from twilights characters however, I do not think that they should be using the same actors for this great piece of work. They have to find a guy who is good looking, but he knows how to stand confident in his looks. Look for Adam Brody who played Seth on the OC. And I really think that Sarah shahi from fairly legal
duke13 duke13 5 years
I think Ashley Newbrough from Privileged would be great for Anastasia, She definitely has big blue eyes and the perfect look and she is is an unknown . Ryan Gosling for Christian and Ashley Newbrough  for Anastasia i bet they would have chemistry!!      
Lj20 Lj20 5 years
@Faye2577841 Her eyes will never be too large for her face, he will never look like the buff guy I picture when I read the book...I am addicted to Twilight....I see all of the similarities but would picture Bella and Edward the whole time, if they played Ana and Christian...still would prefer 2 new actors....
apple963 apple963 5 years
Very good  points Faye2577841. 
Faye2577841 Faye2577841 5 years
@apple963 Oh yeah and it's not really a "triangle" like twilight, but Ana is wanted by many men (Jose, Christian, jack) and of course Bella is the most wanted in Twilight by Edward, Jacob and even Mike Newton
Faye2577841 Faye2577841 5 years
@apple963 When I first read about "50 Shades" the article stated that it was Twilight for adults which is why I first read it. The characters having similar traits/backgrounds Edward/Christian both are adopted, both are rich, both are fiercely protective of their mates, both love cars and hate the cars their mates drive, both could be considered monsters Edward because well he is a vampire and Christian because he is a sadist. Isabella/Ana both are relatively innocent, both have divorced parents, money is not a turn on for either and they both hate their mates buying expensive gifts, both are strong in a quiet way, both are socially awkward and shy, both don't realize that their normalcy is what their mates crave. Just a few comparisons. sure their are many more
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