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Game of Thrones
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Game of Thrones
The Too-Long Moment When Jon and Dany Hold Hands Has Everyone Losing Their Sh*t
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Ori14421585 Ori14421585 3 years
How can you leave out Arrow's Stephen Amell, talk about sexy and broken...!!!
CoMMember1362806346882 CoMMember1362806346882 3 years
Ian Sommerhalder should step in if Charlie isn't going to play Christian Grey!
Avery14424822 Avery14424822 4 years
JUSTIN CHATWIN. He's who I picture when I read 50 Shades. If you've seen the show Shameless(US) you know what I'm talking about I'm sure! Also paired with Emmy Rossum as Anna.
maclaine86 maclaine86 4 years
tri5h323 tri5h323 4 years
robert pattinson
tri5h323 tri5h323 4 years
since the book his strikingly similar to the twilight saga , then who other then robert pattinson.....he was the first person i thought of to play this role.kristen stewart on the other hand is negotiable . atleast in my opinion
tri5h323 tri5h323 4 years
since the book his strikingly similar to the twilight saga , then who other then robert pattinson.....he was the first person i thought of to play this role.kristen stewart on the other hand is negotiable .
salinaherchert salinaherchert 4 years
I'm speaking for all the ladies out there , if you want to have an addiction to a character you need to start liking Alexander Skarsgard for the role as Christian Grey because he has the ability to look so sexy without even trying he gripps you right away. It's not based off just looks, if he was good looking yes that a bonus but the actor needs to know how to do his job or no magic will be seen or felt. Alexander Skarsgard is the perfect fit for this role. Trust Me, just watch the third episode of True Blood season 1 and you will find your guy
Patricia-br Patricia-br 4 years
Luke Mr. GREY!!!!!!
Belinda2916701 Belinda2916701 5 years
NO! you have to see Jessie Pavelka! He IS GREY!
lizzybee02 lizzybee02 5 years
@ kjkoris i completely agree! this is close to the exact person i picture in my head when i read the book and i dont even know this actor!   
LoveDustAngel LoveDustAngel 5 years
Matt Bomber for me he is who I envisioned when I read the books
Poppies1 Poppies1 5 years
Jonathon Rhys Meyers would be perfect for the part!! How well he played his part in the Tudors, check out his pictures on his facebook page. I'll definitely watch the film if he plays Christian Grey :0)  
flap410 flap410 5 years
From when I opened that book and read the description of Christian Grey, I had envisioned BEN BARNES. He's got that sexy, sultry look and can change his mood "at the drop of a hat." Also, he's going to be able to nail that "hooded" look. I had pictured Ana to be JENNIFER LAWRENCE, she looks great with brunette hair in the Hunger Games and she can definitely play Ana's witty and innocent character.
Eurice2879431 Eurice2879431 5 years
Liam Hemsworth as Grey and Lyndsy Fonseca as Anastasia!!!  
Laura-GaGa2870644 Laura-GaGa2870644 5 years
Check out the other pix on this page 4 the pic of him shortless is tight jeans: It's the playroom jeans!!! <3 xxx
Laura-GaGa2870644 Laura-GaGa2870644 5 years
Or possibly Ian Harding who is Ezra Fitz in Pretty Little Liars, just his hair is a little dark and his eyes are more Green than Blue!!! :-( Shame Johnny Depp is too old but he can do younger and he is such a versatile actor!!! K.Stew and R.Patz should let someone else have a chance! But seriously DERK THELER is perfection!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If the actor isn't right then the whole movie will be wrong! That goes for actresses to! Ana is my heroine! x
Laura-GaGa2870644 Laura-GaGa2870644 5 years
Derek Theler is just a must 4 Christian Grey!!! Just google him, seriously, theres a pic of him with Grey sweatpants on hanging from his hips, so reminds me of Ana lusting after Christian!!! Think Ana needs 2 be someone fresh and innocent but naturally beautiful Emma Roberts (Wild Child) would be fab!!! x
guesswhoxd guesswhoxd 5 years
actually pictured christian like  kevin zegers
hcavill4cgrey hcavill4cgrey 5 years
kjkoris kjkoris 5 years
Alex Pettyfer for Christian Grey is the only person I imagine when I read the book. Just look at this picture:
nicolieoliexx3 nicolieoliexx3 5 years
I've read this book and really thought about who this should be first I think Christian should be played as either Channing Tatum or Justin Timberlake. They are both have a very strong sex appeal to themselves. Then for the girl I'd choose Mila Kuins. She has a innocent to look to her and she is very young. She has that corky attitude and just would be perfect. She still has that virgin look to her. I don't want to see a women that's cast that we all know for sure is one just not for the part like Kirsten Stewart don't want to see her. Then a male that is one not tall and just not for the part like Robert Pattison. Don't get me wrong I love twilight I really do but this isn't a twilight book this is 50 shades of grey. You are going to have the twihard fans mad and the people who hate twilight not come to the movie. I really hope that this movie comes out even a little bit close to the book. I don't want anything blinked out or a scene taken out because it isn't appropriate. The movie just won't be the same without every detail involved.
hicatt hicatt 5 years
My all time favourite actor that I would LOVE to have this role would be Johnny Depp, but unfortunately a little older for this role. #1, James Scott, #2 Eric Martsolf, #3 Channing Tatum, or Captain America or Thor Actors. HOT HOT HOT HOT. For girls, I think #1 Rachel McAdams!!!! She would be absolutely PERFECT for this role!!!
Linda2850878 Linda2850878 5 years
Ian Somerhalder and then maybe Kristen Stewart. Ian has that smoldering good looks and would be jiust as I imagined Christian to look like. He would have to change his hair color though. Kristen is just so niave  she would be a good match with Ana
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