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Jessica15434360 Jessica15434360 3 years
I stronly hope that the people making this movie actually read the reviews about the cast of this movie. Every where that i have looked up information on this and read the reviews 9 out of 10 HATE the people chosen and I for one STRONGLY agree. The books were amazing and have set such an expectation and visual in our minds. This is the reason i hate when movies are made from books because the people chosen- ESPECIALLY for Christian and Ana- are so unbelievably disappointing that it really makes me angry. I really can not fathom how or why these people would EVER be picked for these roles. If everyone that read the books doesnt like these people then how could the writter of the books???? I get that maybe you dont want 'known' people to play the roles, but for the sake of all the fans, i think there needs to be an exception. The two actors that everyone seems to want really arent THAT known or famous. The characters need to have a presence, especially Christian, from just a glance and these people do absolutely NOTHING. Christian is supposed to make women blush and wet merely by standing there and Ana is supposed to be beautiful. Sorry but neither of these actors come even close. They look like ordinary people you would see at a store and pass by like they dont exist. Apart of me would love to see the relationship put into life... But from the cast of these roles I really would rather not have it all ruined in my mind. So utterly disappointed already and its not even made. I dont understand it.... Long, deep sigh
Brian15397521 Brian15397521 3 years
I think most of the characters fit except for Mia, Ana, and Jason
Vivigunz Vivigunz 3 years
I honestly think all the actors are wrong!!! They do not fit any image I had in my mind while reading these books... They are all older. I really think they should let us pick or have a poll on who should play what part because honestly this movie is not looking any bit interesting to me at all.....
15396305 15396305 3 years
Toby Stephens was the perfect choice for Christian Grey, copper hair with the mind plus body the role needs.
DeAnna3431470 DeAnna3431470 3 years
Christian Grey should be played by Matt Bomer! This guy is not the hunk for this picture!
Earline15275337 Earline15275337 3 years
You picked the wrong person to play Ana. Dakota looks too old to play a 22 year old. She's not the picture you get in your head when you read how she should look. You need someone really young looking and really "pretty". Not sure yet on Jamie Dornan. The guy who plays Christian needs to be a drop dead hunk. Not sure Jamie fills that spot.
BillieDawnHerrera BillieDawnHerrera 3 years
Candice Accola should play Kate. Holland Roden should play Mia. Luke Grimes should play Ethan. Kellen Lutz should play Elliott. Other than that I think Jamie D. and Dakota J. should be good as Christian and Anastasia.
Peg-E15248379 Peg-E15248379 3 years
HOLLYWOOD SUCKS! The characters are all wrong! Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson aren't even attractive enough to play these roles. Matt Bomer and Alexis Bledel were much better characters! Did anyone doing the movie read the book? I won't spend my money on this movie!!
Jinky15239049 Jinky15239049 3 years
Oh No!! I really like Matt Bomer to play the role, he is best suit as christian Grey as i pictured it out. To the makers of this movie please don't make us disappoint.. I really looking forward to the movie and i expect Matt Bomer. Thank u. I am your fan reader in the phils.. :-)
Kathy15231280 Kathy15231280 3 years
I would like to know where they found Mia from. She was not who I pictured as his little sister. I think the other ones will be okay but Matt Bomer might have played a good christain though. But I can see Jamie Dornan as him too. So thanks for the visual.
Shewll Shewll 3 years
This is all wrong. Especially Elliot and Bob.
KristaHedrick KristaHedrick 3 years
What in the world, are they thinking with the casting of Bob? I pictured a much older man this guy looks like he could be Anna's brother! And Mia!!!!!! So not what I pictured her looking like !!!
Ahhhoney Ahhhoney 3 years
I wanted Alexis Bledel and Matt Bomer to play the leads and was horrified when they cast the people they did. Now that I've watched some interviews with Dakota Johnson and seen the on set pics I feel she personifies Anastasia. She has this sexy awkward way of speaking that makes one think of Anastasia, the longer you see her the cuter she gets. From what I've seen of Dornan I feel like he would be the perfect Christian if only he was more passionate and intense, don't get me wrong I'm starting to love him as grey. I'm really rooting for this movie since I loved the books so much.
Barb15152965 Barb15152965 3 years
I know everyone has their ideas of who should be the leads in Shades of Grey but give these guys a chance. They might prove to surprise you. Is that not what happened with the lead stars of "Twilight'? Did you know Kristin Stewart and Robert Patterson before that movie?
Bernadette15122181 Bernadette15122181 3 years
I was so excited when I heard they were making a Fifty Shades Of Grey movie!! I think every woman had a picture of the exact Christian in their head but sadly the people chosen have diminished the excitement and seems to have created an ordinary cast, Enthusiasm Diminished!!!
Cheryl14763055 Cheryl14763055 3 years
Teresa15120542, I respectfully disagree with Cam Gigandet as Christian. He was great in Twilight and all, but I don't really think he fits the part of Christian.
Teresa15120542 Teresa15120542 3 years
You totally have the wrong guy to play the part of Christian Grey - there is only one actor who should be playing that part and his name is Cam Gigandet (probably spelled last name wrong) but you should recast and definitely use Cam!!!
Anita15113297 Anita15113297 3 years
I think that obviously whoever chose Christian Grey's cast was not a woman!!! We all know we were expecting a sexy bomb to fill our minds like Matt Bommer...very dissapointing...
The-Real-Eric-Jonrosh The-Real-Eric-Jonrosh 3 years
How could I be both shocked, appalled and aroused all at the same time? By following the coverage of "50 Shades of Grey: The Motion Picture," that's how! Every twist plays out like a scene in "The Spoils of Babylon," a story every bit as spellbinding as "50 Shades." At first, I was delighted to hear the prodigious young Charlie Hunnam was involved. He was a wonder in "Pacific Rim" which I saw in midst of an ongoing 12-year scotch bender. But I hear the coward has dropped out! Shame on you, Charlie! I shall never forgive you. The role of Christian Grey was a guaranteed Oscar, Emmy and maybe even a Heisman. But having seen Jamie Dornan's sensuous perfume commercial, or maybe it was an Arby's commercial, I believe he can deliver Grey's dull-eyed millionaire-saving-the-world-from-hunger sensibilities with great enthusiasm. And now furthermore I hear the release has been postponed until February. THIS IS CRIMINAL! But at least we starving masses can content ourselves with "The Spoils of Babylon" set to air on IFC January 9th at 10/9c. It shall have to be a powerful antidote, because my glutes burn for "50 Shades of Grey."
September15078305 September15078305 3 years
People keep saying what happened to Ian Somerhalder, Matt Bomer or Alexis Bledel. None of these people were ever cast, the only person who was supposed to be in the movie and now isn't is Charlie Hunnam, and that was his choice. All of these other actors were just celebs that people wanted to be cast but there was never any confirmation of these people. Plus, E.L. James made it very clear that she wanted unknown actors to fill the roles, not these widely famous people.
CJ50grey CJ50grey 3 years
What the heck happened to Matt Bomer & Alexis Bledel as Christian & Anastasia? They were PERFECT as the charactors portrayed in the books. No offence to Dakota or Jamie but they both lack the chemistry and essence of Christian & Anastaia. I wouldn't even bother to see the movie with them as the charactors. Bomer has the looks and dangerous senuality to turn your head without speaking a word and Bledel has the quiet strength that leaves you wondering what she's thinking again, without saying a word. The movie would go straight to a blockbuster with these two playing the parts rather than just another chick flick with Dakota & Jamie. To coin an email subject line from Christian and Anastasia.....CAREFUL. You are about to miss the mark with your casting choice folks!
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