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90210 Episode "Liars" Recap

90210 "Liars": Most Scandalous Moments

After a long midseason break, 90210 picked right back up this week. As we witnessed with the show's nailbiting cliffhanger, Mr. Cannon is indeed back for Naomi, and he wastes no time in making an appearance. In other drama, Adrianna tries to smooth over her reputation, Charlie tells Liam the truth about their childhood, and Dixon tries to handle Teddy's sexuality.

It's all pretty heavy stuff with one exception: Annie's new house guest. Cousin Emily comes to visit the Wilson family for five months, and she's quite the ball of energy, from her sparkly pink shirts to her obsession with celebrity gossip. Am I the only one who thinks she's going to go all single white female on Annie? Think on that, but first let's break down the biggest moments of the episode after the jump.

  • Mr. Cannon holds Silver and Naomi hostage. After biding his time in Naomi's closet, Mr. Cannon springs into action. He holds a knife to Naomi's throat, ties her to a chair, and then he insists on texting Silver to bring her over to the apartment too. Once he has both girls under his control, Cannon forces them to tape an apology, but that isn't all he's after; Cannon wants money too. He asks Naomi to give up her trust fund, but to do so, they'll have to go to the bank. Naomi goes to her dresser to dab on makeup before they head out, and using the tools she knows best (beauty products, naturally), Naomi grabs her hairspray and spritzes it in Cannon's eyes while Silver knocks him over the head with a candlestick. Resourceful, ladies! With Cannon's life now in her hands, Naomi reaches for a knife with the intention of slitting the teacher's throat. A bit over the top, yes, but what would 90210 be without crazy moments like this? Thankfully, Silver talks her down, the police come, and Cannon is in custody . . . for now.
  • Adrianna tries to save face with some PR spinning. I really had high hopes for Adrianna once her whole pop star charade came crashing down in the last episode. It seemed like just the swift kick in the pants she needed to return to her old self, but alas, no. With the truth about Javier's book splattered all over the Internet, her publicist goes into spin mode, booking Adrianna a spot on a morning news show to tell her side of the story — and by her side, I mean a tall tale about coming down with PTSD. After being coached on exactly what to say, Adrianna hits a speed bump: the morning show host asks for further details about her condition, and then, she brings Victor out. Adrianna is completely put on the spot, so she leaves the stage with the cameras rolling. So much for talking her way out of this one. With her career crashing before her eyes, she turns to Navid for support. Only thing is, Navid is waiting for any opportunity to break up with Adrianna so he can be with Silver. How long will he have to wait now?
  • Dixon tells Teddy that he saw him kissing Ian. After watching as his friend locked lips with a guy, Dixon is visibly shaken and confused. Wait, does this mean Teddy's gay? Hello, Dixon, get a clue. He thinks on the situation, until Teddy finally confronts him at the beach and asks him why he's being so strange. Dixon spills the truth about what he witnessed, and Teddy denies it at first. But once Dixon pushes him a little further, Teddy owns up to kissing Ian — though he asks Dixon not to breathe a word of it to anyone. Looks like it's going to be a long time before Teddy is ever comfortable being out in the open with his relationship.
  • Ivy nearly dies! A day on the beach turns deadly for Ivy after she crashes into a rock and gets knocked unconscious in the water. Dixon sees it all go down and swims out to the rescue, saving her life. After her near-death experience, Ivy's not ready to return to the water just yet, so she fakes an injury in order to stay out of the school's surf competition. But did you notice the look Dixon gave her after CPR? I think there may be a romance there yet, despite the fact that Dixon doesn't seem ready to forgive her.
  • Charlie tells Liam the real reason behind their childhood misunderstanding. After Liam and Annie slept together, I was jumping for joy over the thought of them finally being a couple. Who cares about Charlie, am I right? Well, turns out Charlie is a good guy after all. When he confronts Liam to find out why Annie's acting strange (um, perhaps because she slept with your brother?), the two get into it, and Charlie shares why he got Liam in trouble all those years ago: it was to send Liam away, thereby protecting him from abuse. Once Liam knows the truth, he tells Annie that she shouldn't break up with Charlie. Guess this love triangle is going to keep playing out a few more episodes — and frankly, I'm ready for it to get resolved already.

What did you think of the episode? Are you glad to see the Mr. Cannon saga all tied up? What's your take on the many love triangles happening on the show (Adrianna, Silver, and Navid; Annie, Charlie, and Liam)? Weigh in below or check out the 90210 Superfans group in the community.

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