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90210 "Holiday Madness" Midseason Finale Recap

90210 "Holiday Madness": Most Scandalous Moments

Do you think they could've packed any more cliffhangers into this midseason finale of 90210? My head is still spinning! For a show that's high on drama, this episode churned out one jaw-dropping scene after another.

It starts off predictable enough: Adrianna's acting like a total snot, Navid and Silver awkwardly avoid each other, and Ivy's still mad at her mother. But once we get about 40 minutes into the show, wham! The teens' hormones go into full effect as multiple couples get busy — and it's not just the regular pairings. I can't wait to talk about everything that happened, so let's jump in when you read more.

  • Adrianna's past comes back to bite her. The young pop star's self-centered new attitude goes off the rails this week, as she starts renting an expensive mansion that's way out of her price range. To celebrate her new digs and her overall awesomeness, Adrianna throws a holiday party where she coos "Santa Baby" for her guests. But she quickly comes down from her high horse when she receives a "gift" from Victor: a photo of him holding Javier's notebook. Perhaps she shouldn't have been so mean to old Victor, because now he's talking to the press — and all of the dirt on Adrianna gets splattered online. Here's hoping this new turn of events will rein her in a bit. Lately, she's been nothing but a snobby caricature, right down to the tiny dog accessory.
  • Silver and Navid finally go for it. Adrianna invites several friends over to her house for a sleepover, but when the others are no-shows, Silver and Navid are the only ones left spending the night. Awkward! Both stand by as Adrianna's personality grows more and more nasty, until they finally give in to their feelings for each other. Silver admits that something exists between them, and she makes out with Navid right in Adrianna's backyard! I think they're totally justified in giving in to their attraction, but do they have to do it so openly? And furthermore, why not just break up with Adrianna first instead of sneaking around?
  • Annie keeps it in the family. After Liam took a beating defending Laura, he ends up in the hospital, where Dixon and Annie rush to his aid. They bring him back to their house, but when Charlie stops in to see how Liam's doing, Liam's anger hits the roof. Charlie leaves to keep him happy, and Annie and Liam are all alone. Uh-oh. Annie confesses that she felt completely distraught when she heard about his injuries, and Liam replies, saying . . . he loves her? Where did that come from?! Liam and Annie sleep together while poor Charlie sends her text messages.
  • Teddy kisses Ian. Everyone is hooking up and making out in this episode! Teddy finally admits to Ian that he's gay, but he tells him he isn't able to come out just yet. Ian responds that he doesn't want to keep their relationship hidden, and it seems like that's that. That is until, the two guys meet up in the hallway in Adrianna's house. Teddy confesses to Ian that he only wants to be with him, the boys kiss a few times, and Dixon oversees (whoa).
  • Ivy reunites with her dad — with disappointing results. Since she's on the outs with her mother, Ivy reaches out to father to work on their relationship. He agrees to meet and immediately goes into buddy-buddy mode with his daughter. But despite his amiable nature, her father has ulterior motives: he wants to talk to Ivy about her college, as in, he's not going to pay for it. Ivy's devastated to find out his real reason for taking an interest in her, but luckily, Naomi is there for a listening ear. She helps reconcile Ivy and Laurel, and the mother and daughter have a Winter Solstice at home. But speaking of Naomi, I can't forget to mention the biggest cliffhanger of all: Mr. Cannon is back — and hiding in Naomi's closet! The episode closes with his menacing profile hovering just feet away from unaware Naomi. Eek!

What did you think of the midseason finale? Which new couple has you most excited? And what do you think will happen with Mr. Cannon? Weigh in below or check out the 90210 Superfans group in community.

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