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90210 O Holly Night Recap

90210 "O Holly Night": Most Scandalous Moments

90210 is not holding punches in this week's episode and we ended up with one bloody nose and one bloody a whole lot more. But those aren't the only injuries we're looking at in this cliffhanger — there are broken bones and broken hearts by the night's end. Plus, Annie is at a crossroads and Silver's new man has a secret.

Dixon betrays Adrianna's trust to further his music career and Naomi is juggling her new friendship with Holly and internship with her high-powered party planning mother. Let's get down to the details, so keep reading.

  • Annie and Liam are on a crash course. Patrick offers a broke Annie a trip to Hawaii to meet up with another of his lady friends — for a pretty paycheck, of course — which leaves Annie in a tough spot. Soon after, she and Liam fall back into old habits, on the couch no less, though Liam knows something's up with her. That night at Vinny's poker party, Liam finds out the truth about Annie's escorting from Bree and runs to stop her from going to Hawaii with Patrick. Liam breaks Patrick's face a bit, and runs off to find Annie. Anyone else think it was wrong for him to immediately tell Silver about Annie's escorting? Annie, meanwhile, finally finds a way to manipulate Jeremy into revealing his true colors to earn her "rich bitch" inheritance. All's well that ends well? Not quite. Just as Liam is racing to find Annie and she is professing her love on voicemail, he gets hit by a car on his motorcycle and the other driver calls it into the cops and bolts.
  • Stepmom Silver? Turns out, Silver's professor boyfriend does have a secret — and it's a wife. He says he's headed for divorce, but with his daughter in the picture things are even more complicated. Silver's feelings are put to the test when Navid's undercover mission leaves him battered and hospitalized. She rushes to Navid's side and is about to come into his room just as she overhears him saying he cares for Kat. Silver leaves before Navid finishes his statement about caring for her more, but it's too late and she's back into the arms of her older man.
  • Naomi wears Prada. It's time for Naomi to earn her stripes as an intern, at the expense of her friendship with Holly and relationship with Austin, ultimately. Naomi tries to pull double duty both working and playing at Holly's birthday bash, though she is pretty quickly outed as the person who "stole" the internship at her mom's party planning firm. While Naomi treats Austin pretty terribly this whole episode, it was still surprising to see Naomi walk in on him stripped down and making out with Holly.
  • Dixon and Adrianna make beautiful music. Dixon is so excited to debut his new track for Adrianna and is surprised when she is less than pleased to hear that he sampled her song without asking. She claims it's just because she left that part of her life in the past. Instead of going ahead to play it at the record company event J.D. set up, Dixon takes the stage to sing a heartfelt apology to Ade. After their onstage kiss to make up, Adrianna reveals that the song is so personal since it's about her daughter she put up for adoption and that she would be open to making music with Dixon.
  • Between Liam and the Blair Waldorf and Chuck Bass car accident, it's been a rough week of driving on the CW. What do you think will be the outcome of Liam's crash? Plus, what will be the fallout of Naomi's shocking revelation that Austin is cheating with Holly? Is it just me, or did he seem not that guilty looking when she walked in? Discuss in the comments!

    Photo courtesy of The CW

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