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90210 "Project Runaway" Recap

90210 "Project Runaway": Most Scandalous Moments

Burgeoning model Liam gets the chance to walk the runway on this week's 90210 but rather than head to New York or Milan, he struts his stuff on a CU catwalk. It's all part of the college's fashion designing competition, which pits rivals Holly and Naomi against one another, and has each girl pulling out all the stops to ruin her competitor's chance of winning.

Meanwhile, Annie tries to find a more legal way to earn money and Dixon faces temptations soon after leaving rehab. Find out if Dixon's able to just say no, plus much more when you keep reading.

  • Naomi and Holly call a truce. Naomi is thrilled to compete in CU's fashion design competition, but her excitement quickly dies down when she finds out she's competing against nemesis Holly. The two waste no time in trying to one-up each other, with Naomi donating a large sum of money to the competition's fashion show so that her fashions can be showcased in the most flattering way. When she reveals she'll have the ab-man himself, Liam, modeling her designs, Holly goes behind her back and books him through his modeling agency. But that's not all she steals; the night of the fashion show, Naomi discovers that Holly's ripped off her designs and the two end up in a full-blown fight backstage. Though neither gal wins the competition, Naomi gets an internship offer from a Hollywood event planner, and the two dueling divas decide to call a truce. It probably won't last very long though, since Holly also wanted the internship with the influential planner, who just happens to be her mother.
  • Annie tries to make a deal to get her inheritance. Since Annie lied about getting her inheritance on last week's episode, Naomi thinks it's time she starts paying rent. Freaked out about another expense she can't afford, Annie approaches Marla's grandson Jeremy and proposes they split the inheritance. Jeremy considers the offer and starts cataloging Marla's estate to decide how it might be split, but notices the necklace Marla gave Annie is missing. Annie's lawyer asks her to return it, but when she reveals she sold it to pay for college, he tells her that could pose a major problem for her case. The fact that she sold it makes it seem like she was only after Marla's money all along. Annie tries to buy the necklace back from the jewelry store owner she sold it to, but she's too late — Jeremy's already purchased it.
  • Teddy leaves L.A. Not only is Teddy still a public joke thanks to his leaked Vegas wedding video, but his entire family has turned against him for ruining his conservative uncle's run for congress. Though he still blames Silver, he asks to meet up with her to get some closure before fleeing Beverly Hills for a tennis coaching gig in London. Silver reveals Teddy's plans to his on-again, off-again beau, Shane, who gives Teddy a hard time about moping around when he can be making a difference in the world with his notoriety. Ivy also digs into Teddy, reminding him of his health and wealth and telling him to get over it. The tough love gets through to Teddy, who ends up apologizing to Silver, and even patches things up with Shane, with whom he embarks on a cross-country drive to DC.
  • Dixon's done with rehab. Fresh out of rehab, Dixon quickly jumps into bed with Adrianna. His rehab roomie J.D. has the same idea, bursting through the couple's bedroom door and jumping into bed with them as soon as he's released. J.D., who is also a musician, quickly rambles off plans to lay down tracks with Dixon, and Adrianna worries the two will fall into drugs again. She tries to prevent Dixon from heading to a concert with J.D., especially when she hears J.D.'s plan to live in a constant cycle of using drugs and revisiting rehab. Dixon ignores her and heads to the concert anyway, where J.D. tempts him with drugs. Dixon resists and ends up remixing the song Adrianna song at the benefit concert.

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Naomi and Holly will continue to fight despite their truce? Were you sad to see Teddy go? Sound off in the comments!

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