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90210 Rundown: Episode Five, "Wide Awake and Dreaming"

Last night's episode of 90210 has me scratching my head a little bit because as the show progresses, some things get better while other things get more perplexing. There were plenty of moments that were just . . . strange. Like when Dixon gives his sister a condom. Even in the closest of brother-sister relationships, are condoms being discussed, much less handed out? I felt a little icky after watching that scene.

But hey, speaking of condoms, last night was all about Annie's journey toward doing it for the first time with a guy she won't call her boyfriend and whom she just re-decided she likes last week. The episode even opened with a hot and heavy moment between Ty and Annie — only to be revealed as a Spring Awakening rehearsal under Brenda's supervision.

We need to chat about that, as well as some other key issues, including where the heck is Navid? So, to see my thoughts,


  • Seriously, where is Navid? Is he still on the show? I hope so, because his dad makes porn and that had so much potential for great storylines!
  • I loved Brenda this episode. She is supportive and helpful to the kids. Annie even calls her Miss Walsh!
  • And I really liked that we got some relief from the "teacher likes Kelly but is scared of her feelings for Dylan even though she repeatedly tells him it's over and he's simply the father of her kid" subplot for a moment. It is much more fun seeing Brenda and Kelly on screen together helping the children get off drugs.
  • In fact, I'm just going to say it: I would totally be into a Brenda-Kelly spinoff.
  • Another lovely surprise was the conclusion of Naomi's family drama. This means there is less of her stomping into bedrooms and bursting into tears on what appears to be some other show entirely, and more time to be the cynical Beverly Hills it-girl foil to Annie's giant Kansas smile.
  • How'd you like the logical jump Annie's parents make from "making out at school" to "having sex after the musical"? It would be hard to argue to anyone's parents that hanging out overnight at a hotel party wouldn't result in some sex thought.
  • I really do like Aunt Becky Annie's mom. She looks great and is one of the best actors on the show, even though she's not given a lot. I love how her "sex talk" advice to Annie includes, "What if he tells all his friends?!"
  • OK, let's talk about Annie declaring during the sex talk, "It's not just a play thing, mom!" Does that just mean she and Ty are more than just drama club friends? Or he's not just a "plaything" as in "boy toy"? Or they're not playing make-believe relationship, it's real? I'm confused.
  • Silver doesn't know what an after-school special is. I feel like we need more of those for future generations to reference.
  • Adrianna might be my new favorite character. She looked terrible and sweaty last night. And she's awfully lurky. Love that they introduced a stage mom, too.
  • Hey, we got another Spring Awakening song! With boys dancing and singing!

Poor Annie got a huge lesson about sex last night: that when you sub in for someone in a musical, they will probably fake getting it on with the guy you were planning on having sex with using your brother's condom. Did you notice she even smiles when she cries? Meanwhile, how'd you like Dixon and Silver's hook-up? I still think they're cute together and love that he loves how bossy she is. Also, I thought Kelly looked beautiful last night. Are you still hanging in there with this show? Or do you want to take Dixon, Silver, Kelly, and Brenda off to some other show and forget about the rest?

Photos courtesy of The CW

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