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90210 Recap: Episode Nine, "Secrets and Lies"

90210 Rundown: Episode Nine, "Secrets and Lies"

This week's 902120 episode is the one in which Annie gets totally wasted . . . and it's pretty funny. I mean, underage wastedness isn't necessarily that funny, but Shenae Grimes's acting job as the drunkest girl in the room was highly entertaining. So why was good, sweet Annie hitting the bottle so hard last night? Well, she was lied to by someone she trusts, which is apparently devastating and requires tequila shots.

Meanwhile Adrianna is out of rehab and back at school, and Ryan and the undercover cop play a delicate game of teacher-student make-believe when they really just want to make out with each other. To see my thoughts on all that went down on this shortened election-night episode, just


  • The episode starts with Harry sitting the family down to tell them his big secret: He had sex in high school with Naomi's mom. Annie's initial reaction? "Ew."
  • Oh, and he also has a son out there somewhere, but it doesn't change anything, but Naomi's mom is hellbent on finding him, so he might show up one day.
  • Both kids are shocked but handle the news a bit differently. Annie's annoyed and tells Dixon this makes their dad a "hypocrite." Dixon seems a little sad but mostly acts mature about the whole thing.
  • Once at school, Annie and Ethan secretly decide to keep their relationship on the "DL" because of Naomi's feelings. Silver catches Annie and snarks, "Don't tell me you're the rebound girl."
  • Slumber party at Silver's place! Woohoo! All the girls seem excited. Naomi even invites Adrianna even though there's going to be drinking there? What? Huh? Really?
  • So Adrianna is indeed out of rehab ("I went to rehab. Now I'm out. What's the big deal?") and Navid is following her around like a love-sick puppy. He even brings her jelly beans in case she likes to "get high off of sugar." Poor choice of words for your fresh-out-rehab crush, Mr. Slick.
  • In addition to Naomi exposing her friend who almost died of an overdose to heavy binge drinking, another thing that doesn't make a lot of sense is Naomi calling Annie her new sister once she finds out they share a half-brother. Unless Tracy and Harry get married, Naomi and Annie are not in any way sisters. Sigh, details.
  • Naomi doesn't seem nearly as bothered by the revelation as Annie, though ("So, your dad and my mommy doin' the nasty!") and tells Annie that Jimmy Choos really help when she's "bumming." Annie thinks Naomi is talking about Chinese food. Oh, Kansas!
  • The sweetest moment for me last night was between Dixon and Silver when he tells her about the circumstances of his adoption. They're cute together still.
  • Ryan and the cop are now really into each other, even though he seems sorta angry at her, and she seems sorta over him the whole time. It's weird.
  • Things get weirder when she calls him to get her from Silver's party and a student catches them together. Harry decides it's best that Ryan takes a leave of absence. But Ryan didn't do anything wrong, really, and the whole thing felt super strange to me.
  • I have to admit, by the end of the night I actually thought Navid and Adrianna were kind of cute together. Even though he declared his love for her last week out of nowhere.
  • And Annie barfs in the middle of talking to Ethan.

What did you guys think of last night? Was it fair for Harry to dismiss Ryan? Were you moved by Harry and Annie's moment at the party? Will Naomi have a right to be upset with Annie for making out with Ethan at school? Are you excited for Kelly to return?

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kemma kemma 8 years
So does anyone think Ethan could turn out to be the adopted son, and would then by Annie and Naomi's half brother? Ick! He has sort of a vague family history (lives with "Grandma" or something like that) and he might be a little older so timing might make sense. Just a thought!
Kappadelhill Kappadelhill 8 years
Bridget0621, you just made me think of something I'd forgotten about until now. I didn't really get the impression that Ryan was suspected as being a dealer earlier, but then again... Adrianna did give the cop the phone number of the dealer. And then the cop called Ryan to come pick her up. Could it be that she called the dealer to try to make a bust, but recognized Ryan's voice when he picked up??? Could be pure speculation, but now I'm intrigued!
bebehaul24 bebehaul24 8 years
I don't know why I'm still watching this show but I can't seem to stop myself. I guess I have poor self-control when it comes to shockingly bad tv. Anyhow, I was surprised by the teacher getting fired scenario. I would think that instead of firing a teacher for getting with an adult placed in the school that the undercover officer would be in trouble for seeking out a relationship with one of the teachers. Wouldn't drawing that kind of attention to yourself be exactly what the officer would be trying to avoid? Rather than upsetting the teacher's entire career they could have just replaced the slutty officer. I really just hate how "goodie-goodie" the characters are on this show. especially Annie. I just find her impossible to relate to and annoying. I'm also disappointed by Naomi's character. She needs to step it up with the bitchy badass attitude. I've said it before--this show is critically lacking edge.
bethiesny bethiesny 8 years
How about Naomi coming to school the day after the party with a shirt that basically showed her entire breasts? I'd like to see Rob Estes tell her to go home and come back when she's dressed appropriately! I know it's a small thing, and most of the fashion is out-of-control bad, but that was just ridiculous! Also, I don't get the "Ryan is cute" thing. I've thought he was creepy from the beginning. I hope Kelly has better sense when she gets back from her rendezvous with Mr. McKay!
LuvLeoDiCaprio LuvLeoDiCaprio 8 years
I am over this show...
NatashaAlexis NatashaAlexis 8 years
I agree with fireyelectra this episode was lacking real dream, and just feels fake. Yet, I still haven't been able to bring myself to stop watching. I think Navid's character is still super cute, I just can't see why he's into Aundrea. Hopefully that becomes more apparent as their relationship develops. I don't think Annie's drinking was self medicating, I think she was drinking because she could. The father drama came out, because she was lucid; just like emotional issue tend to come out when one's plastered. The scene where Ryan is sent on a leave of absence, was pathetic, and honestly my only thought was 'what a slut'. And I mean both of them, talk about shitting where you eat.
bridget0621 bridget0621 8 years
jeez... run-on sentence, much? Oops!
bridget0621 bridget0621 8 years
haha.. Apart from the Kansas bit, emms just took the words right out of my mouth (or fingertips, as it were). You are right on. I want to add tho that i agree that the whole Ryan storyline is atriking me oddly. The problem with this show is that it could easily be crappy writing, but i do remember in the ep the cop was introduced, i got a strong impression that Ryan was the dealer, or at least they suspected him... time will tell. i hope he's good, i think he's really cute and endearing (when he isn't being creepy :) ) I want to like this show so badly, but it needs a rehaul, for real.
emms emms 8 years
First of all, I live in Kansas and I know what Jimmy Choo's are! Secondly, I thought it was a bad idea to invite Adrianna over when they are slamming tequila shots a day after she gets out of rehab. Really? I also couldn't believe that Ozzy (is that his name?) would show up at Silver's party if Naomi just met him a week ago. That kind of implies they don't run in the same circles but now they do all of a sudden? Also, what lame 15 year old goes into the kitchen and starts making grilled cheese at a party? And I thought Naomi and Silver were arch enemies? When did that end? The writers of this show are awful...but I'm still watching for some reason...
tlsgirl tlsgirl 8 years
You're right Buzz, Annie's drunkenness was probably the best and most entertaining acting we've seen out of her. And I actually liked her moment with her Dad at the end. Her poor boots though, they didn't deserve vomit. I just can't get behind the Ryan/student-cop relationship. It bores me, and it seems icky, since he at least thought that she was a student. Plus, her character's kinda irritating.
mts3282 mts3282 8 years
I actually think this was one of the better episodes so far. The acting is still not great, but I think that the story lines are definitely getting better. I'll continue to watch it and give it a chance - I can't wait for Kelly to come back!
fireyelectra fireyelectra 8 years
Why does this show feel the need to rush all of its storylines? I wish that Ryan and Kim had gotten caught doing something worth putting Ryan on a leave of absence, not just giving her a ride home from a party. But no, 90210 doesn't want to create any real drama or bother to make things important for more than one episode, so this is what were left with. Lame.
DCBaxter DCBaxter 8 years
I was really touched by Annie and Harry's moment together. And I agree that the teacher/student thing had to lead to someone catching them. Naomi just annoys me, or at least the writers give her lame lines ("Color coordinated!" in a sing-song, valley girl voice??? Come on).
ilanac13 ilanac13 8 years
well i missed the episode last night because of any number of circumstances but i feel like i'm nicely caught up. i think that the development of the ryan and cop thing had to lead to someone getting caught/fired or something - so that makes sense to me. i guess that i just want to see what happens when kelly comes back cause the trailer was really telling (NOT). i've still kind of lost interest in the show - but maybe i'll try to catch up on things.
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