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90210 Recap: Episode Nine, "Secrets and Lies"

90210 Rundown: Episode Nine, "Secrets and Lies"

This week's 902120 episode is the one in which Annie gets totally wasted . . . and it's pretty funny. I mean, underage wastedness isn't necessarily that funny, but Shenae Grimes's acting job as the drunkest girl in the room was highly entertaining. So why was good, sweet Annie hitting the bottle so hard last night? Well, she was lied to by someone she trusts, which is apparently devastating and requires tequila shots.

Meanwhile Adrianna is out of rehab and back at school, and Ryan and the undercover cop play a delicate game of teacher-student make-believe when they really just want to make out with each other. To see my thoughts on all that went down on this shortened election-night episode, just


  • The episode starts with Harry sitting the family down to tell them his big secret: He had sex in high school with Naomi's mom. Annie's initial reaction? "Ew."
  • Oh, and he also has a son out there somewhere, but it doesn't change anything, but Naomi's mom is hellbent on finding him, so he might show up one day.
  • Both kids are shocked but handle the news a bit differently. Annie's annoyed and tells Dixon this makes their dad a "hypocrite." Dixon seems a little sad but mostly acts mature about the whole thing.
  • Once at school, Annie and Ethan secretly decide to keep their relationship on the "DL" because of Naomi's feelings. Silver catches Annie and snarks, "Don't tell me you're the rebound girl."
  • Slumber party at Silver's place! Woohoo! All the girls seem excited. Naomi even invites Adrianna even though there's going to be drinking there? What? Huh? Really?
  • So Adrianna is indeed out of rehab ("I went to rehab. Now I'm out. What's the big deal?") and Navid is following her around like a love-sick puppy. He even brings her jelly beans in case she likes to "get high off of sugar." Poor choice of words for your fresh-out-rehab crush, Mr. Slick.
  • In addition to Naomi exposing her friend who almost died of an overdose to heavy binge drinking, another thing that doesn't make a lot of sense is Naomi calling Annie her new sister once she finds out they share a half-brother. Unless Tracy and Harry get married, Naomi and Annie are not in any way sisters. Sigh, details.
  • Naomi doesn't seem nearly as bothered by the revelation as Annie, though ("So, your dad and my mommy doin' the nasty!") and tells Annie that Jimmy Choos really help when she's "bumming." Annie thinks Naomi is talking about Chinese food. Oh, Kansas!
  • The sweetest moment for me last night was between Dixon and Silver when he tells her about the circumstances of his adoption. They're cute together still.
  • Ryan and the cop are now really into each other, even though he seems sorta angry at her, and she seems sorta over him the whole time. It's weird.
  • Things get weirder when she calls him to get her from Silver's party and a student catches them together. Harry decides it's best that Ryan takes a leave of absence. But Ryan didn't do anything wrong, really, and the whole thing felt super strange to me.
  • I have to admit, by the end of the night I actually thought Navid and Adrianna were kind of cute together. Even though he declared his love for her last week out of nowhere.
  • And Annie barfs in the middle of talking to Ethan.

What did you guys think of last night? Was it fair for Harry to dismiss Ryan? Were you moved by Harry and Annie's moment at the party? Will Naomi have a right to be upset with Annie for making out with Ethan at school? Are you excited for Kelly to return?

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