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90210 Recap, "To the Future!" Season Finale

90210 "To the Future!": Most Scandalous Moments

No more teachers, no more books! The 90210 gang bid adieu to senior year in the third season finale, but the graduation ceremony is hardly the event of the episode. That would belong to Ivy and Raj's traditional Indian nuptials, which come complete with saris for everyone and an elephant courtesy of Naomi's party planning skills.

In the midst of the celebrations there are a few shake-ups and breakups. Adrianna's evil doings finally come to the light (though really, do we need a Javier appearance?), and Naomi and Annie face some unforeseen relationship issues as they plan their futures. It's not nearly as jaw dropping as last year's situation with Mr. Cannon, but there is an unexpected twist in the final moments. Ready to break it down? Just


  • Ivy and Raj make it official. Ivy and Raj take their marriage decision to their parents, but the outcome isn't what they were expecting: while Raj's parents give their blessing, it's Ivy's mom who doesn't approve. Knowing that Ivy will end up a young widow with a broken heart, Laurel refuses to attend the ceremony (she has important yoga to do, you know). When Dixon hears about the issue, he comes to the rescue and convinces Laurel that her absence will only hurt Ivy more, and Laurel gets to the ceremony just in time to walk her daughter down the aisle.
  • Adrianna sees dead people. Well, dead person. Just as things seem to be peachy between Adrianna and Silver again, the ghost of Javier shows up to haunt Ade. She's able to shoo him away at first, but the truth comes out: at Ivy's bachelorette party, Naomi gets a little too dance-y with the stripper and ends up flinging Adrianna's purse. The truth unravels as soon as Silver's pills come flying out (why hasn't she hidden the evidence yet?), and Ade is exiled. Silver won't accept her apology, and Adrianna contemplates suicide as ghost Javier eggs her on. It's barely a dramatic moment though, as she quickly talks herself off the ledge. I knew it wouldn't be long for the pill-swapping to come to the light, but I never could have predicted it happening in the presence of a stripping cop. Talk about a buzzkill, but hilarious.
  • Liam's on a boat. Liam decides to wait until five minutes before graduation to inform Annie that he's just not that into the future she's planned for them in Pittsburgh. Instead, he wants to blow off college and work on a fishing boat that's leaving immediately. Hurt, Annie breaks up with Liam because she feels like she can't trust him — but she changes her mind at Ivy's wedding and makes amends just before his boat sets sail. Is it just me, or has the chemistry between these two cooled completely? I was rooting for them when Liam's brother was around, but now they're kind of boring.
  • Naomi's got a geeky bun in the oven! Naomi and Max have to face the consequences of Naomi's plagiarized paper, and of course the teachers are quick to blame her over the valedictorian. Naomi tries to sacrifice herself, but Max's guilty conscience gets the best of him and he comes clean during graduation. The grand romantic gesture quickly comes to a bitter end when Max's parents forbid him from seeing Naomi and decide to ship him to the East Coast for the Summer in hopes he can still get into MIT. It seems like the relationship is pretty much dead and buried, but when Naomi stops by Max's for one more goodbye, she drops a bomb on him — she's pregnant. Do you think she's telling the truth, or is it just a ruse to keep Max in the picture?

What's your take on the season finale? Were you shocked by Naomi's revelation? How do you think the show will tie together next season with everyone in different directions? And do you think they'll ever forgive Naomi?

Photo courtesy of The CW

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