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90210 Recap "Greek Tragedy"

90210 "Greek Tragedy": Most Scandalous Moments

The 90210 kids got a fresh start after graduating from West Beverly, but the group is already experiencing a new set of problems in their post-high-school days. Annie may have turned Liam down twice in the first episode of this season, but the former couple brings up the breakup baggage yet again in this week's episode.

Naomi continues to plot her revenge against her college enemy Holly, and enlists the help of an unlikely group of allies to take the sorority president down. Meanwhile, Navid's revamping of Shirazi Studios hits an unexpected roadblock that could unravel all his hard work. To find out details of Naomi's latest scheme, Navid's business woes, and more just keep reading.

  • Naomi buys a sorority. Since Naomi is banned from joining the most popular sorority on campus, she decides to buy the charter of a struggling sorority made up of social misfits and promotes herself to its president. After giving the girls a few quickie makeovers, she one-ups her rival Holly at the annual Greek mixer by having a troupe of Greek soldiers carry her and her sisters into the event. Despite Holly's best efforts to turn Naomi's sorority against her, the girls vow to stick by Naomi's side. But Holly may thwart the revenge of Naomi's nerds now that she's armed with the letter Max sent Naomi, which reveals the details of how he broke her heart (and probably makes mention of her pregnancy scare, too).
  • Liam moves on — quickly. Liam may have proposed to Annie last week, but he's already moved on with his lady friend from Alaska, Jane. Or has he? Despite having slept with Jane, Liam gets pretty upset when he sees Annie kissing another man. Later, he tells Annie that he will always love her, but their relationship probably isn't meant to be because things are so complicated between them. Less complicated, according to Liam, anyway, is giving it a shot with Jane, who is pregnant with a dead man's baby. Really, Liam? First marriage, now babies? It seems his biological clock is ticking at 18.
  • Shirazi Studios is shady once again. Most of Navid's family may be in Switzerland, but the few relatives who have remained behind in Beverly Hills have managed to cause him quite a bit of trouble. This week Navid gets a brief respite from his bratty little sister, but his uncle quickly steps up to fill in the role of annoying family member, using a Shirazi studio space to run an illegal car theft ring. He convinces Navid that reporting the ring to the cops would only result in Navid and his staff — otherwise known as his girlfriend and best friend, Dixon — taking the blame. Rather than tell Silver the truth, Navid decides to fire her and only cryptically reveals that he's trying to protect her.
  • Annie becomes an escort. Now that her inheritance from Marla is in limbo, Annie is broke and struggling to pay for important college needs, like sorority dues. A sympathetic sister takes pity on her and invites her to dine out with her "rich friends," whom she promises will pick up the tab. She fails to mention that her supposed friends are actually clients paying for the coeds' company, until she hands Annie a wad of cash. Annie's grossed out by the transaction, comparing it to prostitution, but when she learns her cut has covered her sorority fees with extra cash to spare, she decides to keep the money. How long do we give this new venture before it spirals out of control?

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Liam is actually serious about Jane; is he trying to hastily move on from his ruined relationship with Annie? Who would you rather see him with? Are you enjoying the war brewing between the sorority sisters? Tell us in the comments!

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