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90210 "Multiple Choices": Most Scandalous Moments

It never fails that just when I'm about to do another eye roll at 90210, it somehow ropes me back in, and this week is no exception. Between a storyline with Dixon's gambling (so over it already) and Teddy and Silver debating about college, I thought this episode was going to be a real snooze. Then, about halfway through, things start to pick up. The reason: real teenage drama.

I'm not talking about sex and drugs like the kids from West Beverly are usually accustomed to, but rather the sort of run-of-the-mill issues that come along with being, say 17. Things like crushing on your best friend's boyfriend or having a seriously hateful stepfather or a sister who makes your life miserable. By the end, I actually felt for the students in a genuine, "man, high school is rough" kind of way (and Regina Spektor's "Eet" playing the background was a nice plus). Let's recap the highlights and scandalous surprises when you


  • Dixon owes $6K in gambling debt — and gets in serious trouble for it. When Dixon runs a covert card game (in a storage room?), troublemaker Mark shows up and puts him in the hole. Instead of forking over the $6K, Mark asks Dixon to steal the school's key from Harry. He and his friends want to steal the SAT, but when Dixon says they're not there, the boys destroy the school halls with graffiti. Harry screens the security tape and grounds Dixon, but he doesn't reveal the tape's contents to anyone else because he doesn't want to get his son in trouble. Only thing is, when Mark finds out about the cover up, he's all too thrilled — now, he has blackmail.
  • Debbie tells Harry about her kiss with Kai. She blurts it out when Harry's being a jerk, and tells him they need to go to counseling. She also says that she stopped the kiss, because she felt like she had to — not because she wanted to. Wow. The worst part is that Annie overhears, but with Dixon dealing with his gambling problems, she has no one at home to confide in. So, she turns to Liam.
  • Annie wants Liam. Bad. He's become her regular knight in shining armor, especially with this drama with her parents. She's so upset by Debbie and Harry that she actually jumps in a nearby fountain as a way to act out (really?!) and pulls Liam in. As he warms her up afterward, they exchange longing looks. So cliche, but I totally fell for it. Then, Annie breaks up the moment by saying he should go back to Naomi. He does just that, even though you can tell he doesn't love her anymore. At this point, I say screw Naomi, and let's get these two to get together. Annie was a stand-up girl by not moving in on Liam when she had the chance.
  • Teddy never told his dad about Silver. Teddy tells Silver that he's not planning on going to college just yet because he wants to pursue professional tennis. They get into a tiff over it, but Silver ultimately decides to support him by showing up at his match (and even learning a few sports terms). Teddy seems thrown off by her arrival. Why? When Silver goes over to Teddy's dear old dad to introduce herself at the game, he says he had no clue Teddy had a girlfriend! She's understandably miffed and leaves the tournament.
  • Jen is back and ready to make Naomi's life hell. Things seem to be on the up and up for Naomi — she clears her conscience to the entire school cafeteria, Mr. Cannon says thank you, even Liam takes her back. Oh, and she's like, so ready for the SATs. Then Jen shows up, and not only is she living in town again but now she owns the beach club. Karma is a b*tch, indeed.
  • Liam steals Jeffrey's coin collection with plans to move out. Finn is back in the picture, and tells Liam that he wants to open a bait shop. So, when Jeffrey threatens Liam's boat space with plans for turning it into a gym, Liam knows he has to move out stat. As added incentive, Jeffrey mentions that Colleen will be in Switzerland soon for a spa week, meaning he and Liam will be together...alone. To get money fast, Liam steals a few coins (worth $10K!) from Jeffrey and brings them to Finn to start his store — with the plan to bunk with Finn himself, so he can leave Jeffrey behind.
  • What'd you think of the episode? Are you ready for Jen to leave for good? Want Annie and Liam to hook up? Chime in below, or click on over to the 90210 Superfans group in the Buzz Community.

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lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
well; I guess it isn't working so I'm not going to bother to keep trying to get my point across...
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
woah; I don't what happened but the second half of my comment got cut off. it's not that important but I did mean to say: ...Luke(<3)/Finn (is that his name? I had no idea) said he would need money I thought; ah man, he's going to screw over his son! 4. This family is messed up; not as bad as many others; but still. Annie's hair is awful; it hurts me to look at it. Buzz; I also agree with you. I always wonder why I watch these stupid shows - I try to convince myself that I watch Gossip Girls for the clothes, ANTM for the photography & fashion aspects, and Grey's Anatomy for Kevin McKidd (which is mostly true); but sometimes you really do have to give credit to the writers of these shows for creating real human drama that explores real human interactions...
lizlee89 lizlee89 7 years
I agree with pretty much everything everyone else said: 1. Mr. Cannon is hot. He was hot on Supernatural; he's hot being a confident teacher; he's hot being a sad victim. I also kind of like "McTeachy" haha. Did anyone else get the feeling that they are going to do something with him and Naomi when they were talking on the stairwell? Maybe it was just me; but I felt like there were some longing looks. 2. When Dixon told Mark that his dad covered up the whole situation; I wanted to kill him! What kind of idiot kid; I don't care if he is supposed to be 17; how stupid are you?! But now that I am reminded that Rob Estes wants to leave the show; I see everything that will happen (which is kind of a sign of bad writing but whatever). 3. I'm assuming that Anonymous meant to say "Who else thinks that LIAM'S DAD that will screw over Liam?" answer - me! As soon as Luke(<3)/Finn (is that Liam's dad's name? I had no idea) said he would need some money; I though con man; going to screw over his own son. But we'll see. 4. This family is just awful. Yes; there are worse families; but this one is just messed up. Kai is just a ridiculous name. And a bit cliche for a yoga teacher. Annie's hair is just awful. It pains me. And I agree; if my kid admits he has a gambling problem; I would be a little more concerned. Buzz; I'm with you - sometimes I wonder why I watch these stupid shows. I'm convinced I watch Gossip Girl for the clothing; America's Next Top Model for the photography and fashion aspect; and Grey's Anatomy for Kevin McKidd (well that one is mostly true); but sometimes writers get a few things right and the viewer gets some good, real drama that explored human interaction really well...
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
PS: Can we talk about what a train wreck this family is? Debbie wants to cheat on her husband, Dixon has a gambling addiction and Annie killed a guy. I hope the season finale features them all on Jerry Springer.
PrincessLtrain PrincessLtrain 7 years
Did anyone else notice how they just skated past Dixon's gambling problem? He admits to his dad that the debt was how he got into this mess and Harry doesn't even blink? And if Liam's mom is NEXT month, why doesn't Liam go tell her what Jeffrey is trying to do? Meanwhile, Annie needs to seriously do something about that hair. Bleh.
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