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90210 "Nerdy Little Secrets": Most Scandalous Moments

Now that Spring break is over, it's back to the day-to-day drama on 90210, and things are anything but humdrum. Silver is officially feeling the effects of Adrianna's sick revenge, but Naomi's too wrapped up in her relationship with Max to come to the rescue of her friend. Meanwhile, Ivy hits a relationship hurdle of her own.

Annie's in a pickle of an entirely different kind: she takes on a new high-paying job as an assistant, only to realize that she's playing housemaid to a former star. Aside from Silver's scenes, it's a fairly tame episode, but I have a feeling that we're being set up for a quite a bit, as we head into the home stretch of the season. Ready to break it all down? Just keep reading.

  • Silver has a manic episode. Now that Adrianna has Silver ingesting placebos instead of bipolar meds, she's in full manic mode. During a bout of spastic dancing to "Walkin' on Sunshine," she decides that she needs to dye her hair — orange. To make matters worse, she sets up an interview with NYU (to which she plans to wear something "artsy,"). Despite being late and sweaty, Silver manages to nail the interview with her dizzying knowledge of movies (subtle Black Swan reference, writers), only to seriously hurt her chances by incessantly calling the interviewer over the next 24 hours. Obviously creepy Ade is thrilled with this new development, but it's a bit disconcerting that Naomi and Navid don't intervene about Silver's amped-up behavior.
  • Naomi and Max go public. Naomi and Max are still sneaking kisses (and probably more), but the stealthiness starts to get to her. All it takes is a chat with Navid about "geek orgies" (I guess now we know where Max acquired all his sex skills), and Naomi has fully convinced herself that her man is sleeping with the only female member of his academic invitational term. She flies into full crazy mode, bursting into their hotel room and threatening the girl's life. When the girl packs up and leaves, Naomi is forced to fill her spot on the team, and ends up costing them the championship. Just when you think the whole relationship is about to go up in flames, Max tells Naomi he only has eyes for her. I'd be lying if I said I didn't love the final shot of Max rocking the Gucci shirt and Naomi in the Geology Rocks t-shirt. (Bonus: Samm Levine cameo!)
  • Raj pretends to drown to get through to Ivy. Now that Ivy claims to be over her doobie phase, she and Raj are back on track . . . for about three minutes. She gets angry when Raj signs her up for a surf invitational, but really flies into a rage when he fakes drowning to help conquer her fear of the water. The guy is only trying to help, and Ivy can't help but forgive him when she comes in first at the surfing competition. Sadly, while she's celebrating her win, we learn that Raj has been avoiding his cancer treatments. Uh oh.
  • Annie snoops around her new boss's house. As the only member of 90210 who's ever held a real job (not counting Liam's turn as an ab display), Annie finds a new gig this week as a glorified cleaning lady for a former actress-turned-hoarder. (Hey, for a grand a week, I'd dig through old cat poop too.) It's not just all fun celebrity stories though: first, Marla shows signs of dementia. Then, Annie finds a pamphlet for physician-assisted suicide in Marla's desk. Annie's nothing if not a do-gooder though, and the sneak peek pictures from next week's episode of 90210 have me believing that she'll be hell bent on giving Marla a reason to live.

Did you like this week's episode? Are you as worried about Silver as I am? Sound off in the comments!

Photo courtesy of The CW

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