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90210 "Up in Smoke": Most Scandalous Moments

Summer is wrapping up on 90210, which means we finally get to see some resolutions to last season's cliffhangers. Naomi's pregnancy is quickly brushed under the rug within the first minutes of the premiere, while her friends make decisions about attending college (or more importantly, nailing down sweet college housing).

Liam resurfaces from his boating adventure prepared to ramp things up with Annie, while Silver and Navid have decided to move in together — but there's a catch. As for the rest of the relationships, Ivy and Raj are still going strong, while Adrianna snuggles up to a smug new cowboy who has found his way out to the West Coast. If you're ready to break down season four's most scandalous moments, just keep reading.

  • Naomi's baby free! Turns out Naomi's pregnancy was a false alarm, but Max's over-the-top joy at not having to father a child dooms the relationship between the beauty and the geek. Naomi is quick to move on, setting her eyes on the captain of the CU football team, but when he rejects her for her freshman status she decides the only solution is to buy a new manse, naturally. She gets back-to-school house shopping and then throws a party at her new pad.
  • Liam proposes to Annie — twice! Liam is back from the high seas and wastes no time committing to Annie by slapping a ring on the hood of her car. (Swoon!) Unimpressed by his proposal and the fact that he's been incommunicado all Summer, Annie turns him down, which prompts him to go all out on his second proposal with rose petals, violinists, and fireworks. It's definitely a romantic gesture, but I couldn't help but laugh when a horrified-looking Annie awkwardly crouches toward Liam, who is on one knee, to turn him down.
  • Navid and Silver play house. Navid agrees to let his little sister Leila crash with him and Silver so that she can finish her final year of high school in Beverly Hills. The new roommate instantly ages the couple into parents, causing them to balk at the fact that Leila wants to go out at midnight — gasp! — and dares to have a beer! Uh, weren't Silver and Navid doing the same thing less than a year ago when, you know, they were seniors in high school?
  • Annie may lose Marla's estate. Marla's family decides to contest her will, which means Annie has to defer for a semester from Carnegie Mellon. How convenient that she now has to stick around Beverly Hills and live in Naomi's mansion. Looks like Annie's bad luck is making her a little more bold in her college years, though. Despite waiting around all Summer for Liam, she's firm in rejecting his proposals, and she even asks out CU upperclassmen (and complete stranger), Jeremy.
  • Adrianna tries to make nice with Silver, but ends up bedding a cowboy instead. Ade shows up unannounced at Silver's place in an attempt to patch things up between the two of them. We know Adrianna isn't the most stable of individuals, what with having switched out Silver's medication and contemplated suicide last season, but did she really think that showing up at Silver's place to apologize was going to make things better? Or, when that failed, that ambushing her at a party would be the right thing to do? Hurt, she runs into the arms of the new cowboy in town, who is also already living with Dixon and managed to get on Naomi's bad side.

So, what did you think of the season four premiere? Were you impressed by either one of Liam's proposals? Do you think Annie was right to turn him down? Did you buy Ade's apology? Sound off in the comments!

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