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90210 Rundown: Episode 16, "Of Heartbreaks and Hotels"

Hello, 90210 fans! This week's episode has more of what I like: over-the-top melodrama. I think that's the right direction for the show — it's slightly less earnest and a little more, I don't know, ridiculous (in a good way). We've got sad, potentially psycho stalker Rhonda; sad, potentially mentally unstable Silver; and sad, insecure-when-it-comes-to-acting Annie. Good stuff, right? Also, Naomi has a new guy to flirt with at her hotel.

As you know, sometimes words alone aren't enough to convey some of this show's funniest/weirdest/most dramatic scenes, so I'm once again grabbing for you some of my favorite clips from this episode. To check out the clips and discuss the episode,


You guys, why does Annie steal Rhonda's story? Did you find it all that "deep"? Or compelling? Sheesh. Also, what the heck was Ethan doing at her therapy session acting class? That's sort of Annie's private world! He should have given her a heads up. Or did he? I found that unclear. But that whole scene's worth it for the fight that breaks out between Annie and Ethan ("Go deeper! Go deeper!"). Check it out:

Then there's Naomi and her new bartender guy. He's super cute, right? But kind of cheesy with his line delivery — like in this clip, in which a totally random fight breaks out:

Finally, Silver. Some of you called it weeks and weeks ago, but Silver is not all right in the head. Her moods are manic and all over the place — and the tattoo! Anyway, here's Dixon and Silver at the end of a super lovey date until something goes very wrong (no cake):

What did you think of last night? Is Rhonda a big, fat liar? What's wrong with Silver? Did you think it was funny when Naomi's guy got sent back to 11th grade because Naomi sent him champagne? What about Navid and Adrianna's reunion? Sound off!

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Photos courtesy of The CW

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