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We're now in our third week of episodes from The CW's Tuesday night guilty-pleasure block, and while both 90210 and Melrose Place are in full swing, the latest batch of drama wasn't my favorite. Both shows seem to be setting up for some action-packed episodes later on in the season, but for now, let's discuss which was more juicy this week.

Ready to figure out which episode get this week's crown of shameless scandal? Weigh in on the debate when you


  • 90210 point: The episode kicks off with Adrianna dreaming of Navid, but it quickly turns into an ab-tastic vision of Teddy shirtless. Obviously she can't get the six pack out of her head and later locks lips with Teddy — and, of course, Silver catches a glimpse.
    Melrose Place counterpoint: The gang gets a new landlord, and it's none other than Sydney's sister Jane. Violet greets her with one of her creepy dead-eyed smiles, and Jane wastes no time blackmailing Ella.
  • 90210 point: Dixon and his adult lady friend take it to the next level, hardcore! Massages, hotel rooms, showering together. . . that is, until Sasha discovers the trunk full o'porn in the trunk of the Lamborghini. Dixon continues to dig himself deeper into a mess of lies, I continue to wonder how the hell this woman hasn't figured out that he's only 17 yet.
    MP counterpoint: When the cops come knocking at her door, Violet abandons ship and jumps out the window. She and Jane have a creep-off when Violet tells her that she's a long-lost niece, and Jane has her thrown in jail.
  • 90210 point: Liam and Jen take us on an emotional roller coaster. First Liam turns the tables on Jen when he gets dirt on her gold-digging past! But then Jen pulls the sweet and innocent act on Naomi instead of telling her that she slept with Liam, as Liam had requested. I felt so defeated until the episode's final moments where we learn that Liam has Jen's nasty confessions on tape.
    MP counterpoint: Lauren heads to a hotel to meet Toby, and another dude quickly recognizes her as being a prostitute. First she gets offended, then agrees to sleep with him — but he won't pay up. Lauren has her first taste of the hard life when the john throws her in the corner, until she finds herself a madam.
  • 90210 point: When Annie's hit-and-run homeless guy leaves $100K to West Beverly in his will, his creepy nephew comes out of the woodwork. By the end of the episode he offers to "take Annie for a ride" and she accepts. I do not like where this is going.
    MP counterpoint: Michael hires a guy to follow David; David figures it out and punches the guy in Auggie's restaurant. Auggie is not pleased.
  • 90210 point: Navid and Adrianna finally get it on.
    MP counterpoint: Ella and David finally get it on.

So who's the big winner of the week? I'm giving this one to 90210. Partly because Liam finally figured out how to take Jen down, and partly because I really enjoyed the inclusion of an actual high-school level crime — cutting class! What do you think? Does crazy Violet warrant more credit in the scandal department?

Photos courtesy of The CW

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