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ABC Comedy Better With You Early Season Review

TV Show Check-In: Better With You

My regular TV show check-ins have begun, and after giving early evaluations to dramas The Event and Hellcats, I'm now going for a sitcom: ABC's Better With You.

Better With You was one show for the Fall season that I saw a lot of potential in — despite its multicamera, laugh-track formula. I'd hoped that the combo of good writing plus charming stars JoAnna Garcia and Jennifer Finnegan would make the format a nonissue, but unfortunately, the first couple of episodes have suffered from sitcom conventions: lame plots and cheesy jokes. Also, the relatable relationship issues that were in the pilot became patronizing by the second episode. That said, it's still early in the season, so the series has time to prove itself as cute and funny. What do you think of the new comedy? Has it found a home in your Wednesday night lineup?

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Proemed Proemed 6 years
You people have got to be kidding! Either that or you were paid to write your reviews. This show, Better with you, is just awful! It's corny, laugh track jokes that aren't funny garbage. There is nothing creative in any part of this show. Better with you is one of those shows that believes if you put on eye candy girls and use 3rd grader dialogue that makes a comedy. This show has no potential. It ruins the comedy lineup. Please beg ABC to end this nauseating excuse for a comedy.
lizlee89 lizlee89 6 years
I actually really love the show, despite the fact that I agree with pretty much all the criticisms that Buzz and the above commenters have made. The laugh track is annoying, the plots are trite at best, and Jake Lacy as Casey is, well; he could never get Joanna Garcia. Add to that the tired jokes about how people who are married for 35 years don't appreciate each other blah blah blah and you'd ordinarily have a recipe for disaster. Despite all that, Joanna Garcia and Jennifer Finnigan are so charismatic, Josh Cooke is so funny and likable, and the tone is so refreshingly light and funny (like How I Met Your Mother without the great writing) that I can ignore its shortcomings. I love it, and I will continue to watch...
foxie foxie 6 years
My husband and I tried to watch this show, but the obnoxious laugh-track killed it for us within 3 minutes. Die!
campbrad campbrad 6 years
I still think it has some potential! Here's hoping they can make it work!
ShaynaLeah ShaynaLeah 6 years
I'm enjoying it - though I'm not loving the whole "we're not married but it's like we're married" thing w/ Maddie & Ben - It just feels so forced and like neither character actually wants to be unmarried.
wolfjinx25 wolfjinx25 6 years
I love it but I'm hoping it gets better!
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