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ABC Finalizing a TV Deal For a Modern Version of Charlie's Angles

New Charlie's Angels TV Show Planned on ABC

Word is that ABC is close to finalizing a deal to bring another version of Charlie's Angels to TV.

This new series would be a "modern version" of the '70s hit, and yes, I know you're thinking that we already got a modern version with the 2000 movie Charlie's Angels and its sequel. Interestingly, Drew Barrymore is involved in this new series somehow (I'm guessing production), as is Leonard Goldberg who produced the original series. Josh Friedman (of Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles) will write and exec produce.

Whether or not you think it's a great idea to remake, it would provide plum prime time roles for three actresses. If you had your pick, who would you cast in this new series? I hear Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson need new gigs. I'm kidding, but what are your ideas?

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Studio16 Studio16 7 years
ITA with PinkNC. Sequels and spinoffs usually turn out crappy. Remember the remake of Bewitched that came out a few years after it ended? No, you don't, because it was canceled after about 10 episodes.
divinedebris divinedebris 7 years
I know Lindsay Price and Rebecca Romijn are looking for jobs. :) If they made it more of a dramady out of it rather than a campier version of the original it might work.
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
No more remakes! I don't care if it's TV or movies. They need to start taking new scripts. Some old shows need to be left alone. This show was a classic. I read that they were in the process of trying to put a new I Dream of Jeannie back on television too. No thanks.
smileet147 smileet147 7 years
I think this could be a good idea as long as it's smart, witty and action packed, and not so plastic if you know what I mean. If Mischa Barton and Ashlee Simpson are in any way involved I think I may shoot myself...but I think it'd be fun to see Alexis Bledel (maybe as the kate jackson character) try and kick some ass.
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