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ABC Finds a Potential Lost Companion in Flash Forward

As great as Lost has been, ABC has had a hard time finding another show to pair with it. The Nine? A bust. Invasion? Yeah, not so much.

Now the network has set its sights on a new show that could be a potential Lost companion come 2009: Flash Forward, a show that, like Lost, would use flash forwards in its storytelling.

The show is based on a book of the same name in which a science experiment gone wrong causes everyone in the world to black out for two minutes, during which they see visions of the world 20 years in the future. In the book version of the story, the world reawakens to chaos, and people use their visions to change their lives — whether for better or for worse. ABC and Fox — both of which currently have shows that deal with time travel or alternate universes in some way — apparently fought for rights to the show, with ABC winning out.

Have any of you read the book? Does it sound like an appealing story? And after watching Lost, do you think you could handle another show that flashes forward?


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