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ABC Says Goodbye to "Day Break"

ABC Says Goodbye to "Day Break"

Those few of us who have been watching the Taye Diggs crime drama "Day Break" might never get to find out why Detective Brett Hopper was stuck living the same day over and over again. ABC announced today that it's canceled the show, effective immediately.

Granted, the announcement isn't a huge surprise. The show, which premiered in November, was a dud in the ratings, and ABC had already announced it would fill the show's time slot with two new comedies starting in January. The last new episode had been scheduled to air Dec. 27.

But I really liked "Day Break," even if — as PopSugar pointed out a while ago — it could get kind of repetitive. It was a show I thought about long after an episode aired, wondering who was out to get Hopper and why.

I'm surprised more people didn't embrace the show — I figured the character-driven mystery would appeal to fans of "Lost", who are used to watching for clues to piece together. Plus, Taye Diggs was intense and engaging as Hopper, who just wanted to get through the day without harming any of the people close to him.

So what happened with "Day Break"? Whether you were rooting for it, you gave up on it, or you boycotted it from the start because ABC aired it instead of "Lost," tell me about it below. I'm hoping the episodes that had already been filmed will surface somewhere eventually, either on DVD or online. Ending in the middle of a mystery is just so unsatisfying.


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jessica7777 jessica7777 10 years
Very sad Day Break was cancelled. This was the only show that my husband and I enjoyed watching together. This was original and kept you spell bound until the next episode. I feel that this is a travesty to have cancelled the show. There are not a lot of television shows that we like but you had a ringer here with Day Break. I would hope that others would write in and express their dismay with the show being cancelled. I would like to see the show re-air on ABC. Day Break Fan
katie225 katie225 10 years
i don't think they bumped lost specifically FOR this show. they were planning on going on hiatus in the middle of the year for awhile, and planning a "fall finale" is beginning to be a big deal and something other shows are planning. the way i heard about it was that they planned on having this long break, and they decided to try a new show in the same slot rather than fill the time slot with reruns (which are bad ratings for the most part). BUT, i could be wrong.
soccer_obsessed soccer_obsessed 10 years
never watched it...
calamityjen calamityjen 10 years
I'll have to admit, I was PO'ed because they bumped Lost for it (even if it WAS only temporary). But then I kinda got into it, and now look what's happened. :-/
katie225 katie225 10 years
i'm a huge lost fan, and i wanted something to keep my mind off of my lack of lost during the interim. i'm very sad it's been cancelled! i really liked it, too.
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