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Alec Baldwin Profile in the New Yorker

Weekend Reading: Alec Baldwin's Insecurities

It's funny, isn't it, how and when actors' personal lives begin to sabotage their professional lives? Lindsay Lohan, once a promising young talent, is in the process of rebuilding her career after issues with drugs, alcohol, and bar fights. Then there's Tom Cruise, who has been in career rehab ever since he jumped the couch. Major celebs are more than just talent, they're entire brands, and going off brand is usually career suicide — unless, of course, you're Alec Baldwin.

This guy is known to be, well, a little odd and even a loose cannon. But no matter what terrible, weird thing comes out about his private life, he's such a great addition to any cast (30 Rock is the most recent perfect example) on TV or in movies that I for one tend to ignore that other stuff. I mean, look at him. I can't even type this post without looking at his picture and cracking up.

In this way, he is totally fascinating to me. Which is why I for one will be curling up with this giant, illuminating profile on Baldwin in The New Yorker this weekend. To see some of the tidbits that got me hooked, just


  • Baldwin's "rhetoric" brings to mind for the reporter a scene where his character on 30 Rock looks at an "equestrian painting" and says, "I wish I were a horse — strong, free, my chestnut haunches glistening in the sun.”
  • Even though he is enjoying a career rejuvenation right now (a career many actors would kill for), he is still "very conscious of what is lacking in his life — a spouse, for example, and a film career something like Jack Nicholson’s, and the governorship of New York."
  • Of Tina Fey, he says, "She’s so bright you’re always wondering if you’re boring her" and says that his 30 Rock character, Jack Donaghy, is based on SNL creator Lorne Michaels: "Jack Donaghy is Lorne, first and foremost. 'What am I, a farmer?' That is Lorne. I think he said that. Lorne’s got a tuxedo in the glove compartment of his car. Lorne is a big-ticket A-list New York water buffalo. He’s big on the Serengeti. Lorne is a person who seduces you into thinking that if you take his advice and play your cards right you're going to end up with his life."
  • And then there's stuff like this:
    "In East Hampton, I’m a nudist and I eat meat," Baldwin — a vegetarian — had said before my visit, expanding on the idea that he lived a quite different life on Long Island than he did in New York. "I shoot deer with a bow and arrow. I smoke the deer meat and eat it every morning with my eggs and toast. I am a homosexual. I listen to rock music, loud."

Interesting guy, right? What do you think? Will we ever truly understand the mind of Alec Baldwin?


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