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Box Office: Audiences Spend Another Week in Wonderland

The other guys didn't stand a chance. Despite best efforts from Matt Damon and Robert Pattinson to unseat Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton and crew took in a whopping $62 million in the film's second week at the box office. Those numbers bring the movie's intake to a grand total of $208 million so far, making it the highest gross ever for a Burton project.

The new releases of the weekend filled the second through fourth place spots, with Matt Damon's Green Zone faring the best with $14.5 million (pretty disappointing considering the film's budget is estimated around $100 million).

In a somewhat surprising fight for third place, the Jay Baruchel comedy She's Out of My League beat out Robert Pattinson with $9.6 million to Remember Me's $8.3 million (perhaps The Runaways will outperform it after all!).


Rounding out the top five was Shutter Island with $8.1 million.

Photo courtesy of Disney

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troyalg troyalg 7 years
I honestly don't know what people were expecting. I didn't think this movie was going to make $80 million. I think for the kind of movie it is, and the fact that the director and producer have been up front about the fact that no movie studio (except Summit) wanted to make this movie, it's not doing that bad. The Hurt Locker (Oscar-winning Best Picture) has only made something like $24 million to date. Money doesn't make a movie, and as I said $8 million is not bad for this drama. BTW, it's a good movie (I agree a solid B+), so go see it. Everyone in this movie does a superb job.
Darkpasion452 Darkpasion452 7 years
Quiero ver RM pero Vivo en Argentina y aca no llego todabia
I also braved the weather to see Remember Me, and I was very glad that I did. It was worth getting drenched on the way to and from the theater!
Cudragon Cudragon 7 years
I went to see Remember Me in 50 mph winds, rain that was blowing sideways, detoured and flooded roads with my friend that didn't have electricity (and still doesn't). So I can understand that in the northeast it was bit difficult to go to the movies. I wouldn't normally go to a sad movie, but I wanted to support Rob. It was definitely worth it.
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