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American Idol: Tidbits from Allison, Adam, and Kris

On Thursday, American Idol welcomed three more members into its top 12. This afternoon, Allison Iraheta, Adam Lambert, and Kris Allen chatted with reporters about their Idol journey so far. A couple of quick highlights from the chat:

  • Nobody's mad at Normund Gentle. One reporter asked Kris if there was any sort of vibe among the contestants that Nick "Normund Gentle" Mitchell was taking a spot from somebody who deserved it more. "He's not mocking the show," Kris said. "He's doing what he knows how to do, and that's entertain. . . . We all love him to death." Adam, meanwhile, said he was nervous when the final elimination came down to him or Nick: "I thought Nick was brilliant the other night so I didn't really know which way it was going to go."
  • How much of a role does screen time play? That was a hot topic on the call, which featured one person (Adam) with a ton of screen time, one person (Allison) with a bit, and one (Kris) with virtually none at all. Allison said she thinks airtime has been doled out fairly thus far. Adam said it certainly hasn't hurt him: "It's exposed me to people more and more times," he said. "They get to hear me talk and hear my opinions, which are many. . . . I'm really thankful to the producers for featuring me in that way." Kris, meanwhile, said he doesn't mind being in the background — "I wasn't like looking for the cameras and trying to put my face in there. I'm totally, totally cool with that." — and said that obviously screen time isn't the only factor or he wouldn't have made it through.

To hear what they thought about their song choice and what they made of the judges' feedback, just


  • Song choice definitely matters. Allison said she did think about the fact that her Heart song had been performed previously on the show by Carrie Underwood, but "I really focused on me, how I would just do the song and, I guess, give it a little taste of what I can do — not change it but . . . just give it a little of me." Adam saw his Rolling Stones song as a chance to show he's more than just his Broadway background: "I don't listen to show tunes in my spare time," he said. "The musical theater thing was just the way I was paying the bills. So now I finally get to sing the kind of music I like to listen to." And Kris admitted he got a little nervous when Paula Abdul told Stephen Fowler in the first week not to touch Michael Jackson but decided to stick with "The Man in the Mirror" anyway: "It was a little scary, but I was really confident in what I was doing, and I was just really, really happy that I didn't get any comparisons to him because that's exactly what I wanted," he said. "I didn't want anybody to compare me to Michael Jackson."
  • They listen to the judges' feedback — but not too much. Of being told by Simon that she lacked personality, Allison said she's actually much more high-energy than she let on. "I guess I'll just chill a little bit more," she said, "because the nerves got me a little." Adam isn't taking Simon's critiques of him being "theatrical" as a bad thing: "When you think about it, in the pop music scene right now, a lot of artists are going a very theatrical route," he said. "There's lots of camp and costumes, and that's kind of an angle right now in the scene." And don't expect Kris to change his image to match Simon's comment about being likable with the ladies: He won't be doing any obvious courting on the show, since he's had a steady girlfriend for the past seven years.

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ktc71 ktc71 8 years
I was happy with these three.
care0531 care0531 8 years
Alison killed it the other night but I don't see her as being consistant. I hope she proves me wrong.
LaurenG22 LaurenG22 8 years
ummm ok ... I defnitely find it unfair that Adam, Danny, etc have crazy amounts of screentime.
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