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Where has all the time gone? We're down to this year's top three on American Idol! As expected, Adam basically kicked rock night's butt on Tuesday, while the rest of the contestants had their highs and lows (I can't get that Gokey scream out of my head). But because Adam was in the group with the lowest number of votes last week, it felt like anything could happen going into Wednesday's results show. So did Kris's "meh" performance get him kicked off? Did Allison's sassy talk-back earn her some more votes? Did Adam's voters get lazy and leave him in danger? You can find out and talk about it if you


I'd picked Kris to go home, but right off the bat, Ryan told him he was in the top three! That was genuinely exciting, and his wife and family were totally adorable when they got the news. What can I say? I just like rooting for Kris. Then, of course, Adam was safe. His fans must have gotten a wake-up call last week that even when something seems fated, you've still got to dial in.
So that left Danny and Allison in the bottom two. People, I cannot believe that after Danny sang that awful note, he's still in this competition. And it's sad to see Allison — the last girl! — head home. I still can't believe that amazing voice comes out of a 17-year-old. Maybe Simon was right and Allison should have showed more personality all along. Personally, though, I think she showed plenty of sass — and, as Paula might say, this is only the beginning for her.

A few more thoughts on the show:

  • OK, I totally loved seeing Slash take the stage in his famous hat and go nuts on the guitar. Why is he so cool?
  • Ryan reminded us that Adam got to sing a Led Zeppelin song for the first time on Idol. The band's licensing fees are legendarily high, so I wonder what made Idol pony up — or, even better, I wonder if someone Zeppelin-related is actually a big Adam Lambert fan.
  • Danny Gokey said his now-infamous "Dream On" scream was his funniest moment on Idol. Ha! You know, I can't actually argue with that. I cracked up when he started talking about it, but he almost seems proud of that wretched note. Never forget.
  • Paula. Idol stage. First time. Yes, please! Although that was a pretty boring song (and she could probably use some lip-syncing tips). I wish she'd done a classic like "Straight Up" or "Forever Your Girl."
  • Speaking of which, Gwen Stefani brought her effortless style and boundless energy to "Just a Girl" and reminded me why it really might be worth seeing No Doubt on tour.
  • The more Ryan talks about visiting hometowns, the more I think of hometown dates on The Bachelor.

It's boys only now, folks. What do you think of the top three?

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