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Allison Williams's Instagram About the End of Girls 2016

Allison Williams and Lena Dunham Post Sweet Farewell Messages to Girls

Like most fans of Girls, the end of the HBO show has turned Allison Williams into an emotional wreck. While playing Marnie Michaels on Lena Dunham's hit series, Williams navigated ill-fated relationships, weddings, and motorboating, all of which she's saying goodbye to now that the show is coming to a close after six years. The actress posted a few Instagram photos with heartfelt captions about her final day of shooting. "How I'm feeling right about now," she wrote on one of her looking heartbroken in season five's excellent "The Panic in Central Park" episode. "Today is my last day playing Marnie Michaels. Six years of passive aggression, folded arms and eye rolls...but also bravery, fierce protectiveness and ambition. I've loved you well, Marn. 💕💕 #WhatIAm #MarnieMarieMichaels." Dunham also shared some memories of her time working with Williams, whom she called "the most talented, hard-working, generous, tireless, self-deprecating and delicious smelling woman I have ever known." If it's any consolation, the photos from the set of Girls that came out over the Summer hinted at a possible happy ending for some of its characters, so fingers crossed Marnie gets one, too.

Image Source: HBO
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