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American Idol Elimination: Which Three Are Moving On?

Normally we get a lot of "you made it" from Ryan Seacrest on American Idol elimination nights, but on Wednesday, it felt like one "no" after another thanks to this year's wild card system. But eventually those no's led to three yes's, and the top 12 has officially begun to fill out. Ready to see who's movin' on and chat about the rest of the evening? Just


And the three American Idol hopefuls moving on are:

Michael Sarver, Alexis Grace, and Danny Gokey!

I think America got it right for the most part, and I didn't necessarily spot a huge upset — did you? The Anoop die-hards out there will probably be pretty disappointed, and it's actually too bad we couldn't bring four along for this round. Ryan said there was just a small difference in votes between him and Michael Sarver.

This year's process isn't doing folks like Ricky Braddy any favors. Yes, Ricky had a snoozy performance on Tuesday, but he also had zero screen time beforehand, so America didn't have much to remember him by. Oh Ricky, we hardly knew ye. I also think Brent Keith will have a lot of disappointed fans out there. Danny sang us off the show while the cameras made sure to zoom in on Tatiana 's destroyed face — she couldn't hold it together enough to answer Ryan's questions after learning her fate.

But! There's still a wild card round to come, so some of these folks may yet return to the Idol stage. Wasn't it weird that there was zero mention of that on Wednesday? It was just, "Oh, your dreams are crushed, sorry."

A few more thoughts:

  • Raise your hand if you were a tad bit concerned that Tatiana was about to swipe Danny's spot in the top 12. I was worried America would riot if that happened.
  • I like the fact that the winners sang the song that helped move them forward in the competition, rather than the old system: losers singing the song that made America vote them off. I've never seen the logic of subjecting us to those losing performances twice. Too bad it will only last three weeks!
  • Um, I kind of want to go to the new American Idol experience place! Also, I hope they have a David Cook/Carrie Underwood live performance planned for later this season — that short clip made me want more.
  • Yay Carly Smithson and Michael Johns! Carly plugged her weave, Michael his upcoming album. They both sounded great, though the song was a little meh. What do you think?
  • Is it just me, or does Simon seem so over it this season? Getting him to talk was like pulling teeth for Ryan, and he just looked so bored. Maybe it's just this early process of sorting through the first batch. Hopefully someone in the next 12 can get him excited about this season.

What do you think of the three who made it? Predictable? Shocking? Is there anyone eliminated who you hope makes the short list for the wild card round?

Photos courtesy of Fox

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