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prettybychoice prettybychoice 9 years
WWWWWWWeeeelll.. I guess you got your wish girl.. Jaslene WON!! She needs to eat a hamburger or sumtin.. she is really really small!!
I REALLY hope Natasha goes next. Then, I want Jaslene to win!! A Spanish girl REALLY needs to win!!! It would be ok if Renee won, but she isn't nice. So it would be cool is a girl who took great pictures AND is down-to-earth wins! _______________________________________________________________ G33k !n th3 P!NK!!! ♥
Chelsea2 Chelsea2 9 years
All the way Renee! But I don't think she will win because her blond look is so similar to Caridee of last season.. They're going to want to change it up.. I think it would be Jaslene before Natasha. I just don't think shes that great.. plus, at 5'9" shes the shortest of the bunch
DeaconP DeaconP 9 years
dionne was my favorite - she was the only one with a personality - now they are all so boring. besides - they should judge by the pictures - and natashas was the worst last week
LuciLu LuciLu 9 years
Natasha! It seems that the girl that all the other girls try to get rid of, always wins! (I just watched the VH1 marathon of Australia's NTM, and thats what happened with Gemma!)
jenintx jenintx 9 years
if they are looking for someone to be a covergirl spokesperson, as well as a "top model," there is no way natasha or jaslene can win. granted, english is natasha's second language, but she's still hard to understand. and jaslene, oh boy! aside from her voice, which drives me insane, that girl cannot put together a coherent sentence (calm, cool and collective? heh). that leaves nene, but only by default.
asco00 asco00 9 years
I love Renee, from day one. She's bitchy granted but I really like her. She was bitchy from the start, and she wasn't fake about it. I do however think that this is by far the weakest season I have ever seen. My husband( yes I make him watch) is totally pulling for Natasha. I just think she is strange. I do think the photos were very weak considering it was the 10th episode.
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
Natasha all the way!! Jaslene looks like a man and Renee complains too much, as did Dionne.
CestLaVie CestLaVie 9 years
I am with everyone saying Renee should go, I just wanted to slap her when I saw how pissed she looked when Natasha stayed- I agree with "the panel" that she is probably jealous. Still rooting for Jaslene to win, and I really liked the answer she gave the panel on why she thought she should win- because it is something that she "is" unlike the other girls who seem to be there to prove something to someone or just for the experience.
blogsap blogsap 9 years
jaslene all the way. i don't care how skinny she is, it seems natural... if it wasn't you KNOW the anorexic card would have been played. nene has a good shot but i wouldn't buy covergirl from her... she was so mean! i really don't think she grew as much as she claimed in her "dance." natasha isn't that great and does not deserve to win. i'm surprised by all the love for her. yeah she has a cute personality but her portfolio is NOT strong.
lattegoodness lattegoodness 9 years
Hmm. I guess I'm the only one that really loves Renee. Sure she's bitchy, but at least she owns up to it. She has no qualms in admitting her bitchiness, which I find appealing. Plus she photographs better than the other 2 girls. Her spiel about "I'm doing this all for my family" was/is getting old, along with "I miss my son!" though. And the smoking is not cool at all... and what IS up with that head wrap!? Must she wear it everytime they go out?? I LOVE Natasha! She is so weird and funny... and the way she reads Tyra Mail is so great that they make her do it almost every episode. Jaslene has deaf voice and is really annoying. True, she takes good pictures, but she has just one look. That gets boring after a while.. plus you've got that whole tranny-anorexic look, which isn't pretty either. Can she just tone everything about her down a notch?
juiceejuice juiceejuice 9 years
i really don't have a favorite. but i still can't stand renee, ever since the first episode. and i'm afraid she's gonna win. i can see how they're editing to make it look like she less bitchy than in the beginning. i'm glad, that dionne went home. she's not a top model. and i think that she should have gone home last week, cause her pictures are weak. one thing that kinda bugged me, was when tyra was saying, it's not about one picture, but all the pictures as a whole. well, if that's the case, then why didn't dione go home last week, cause i think britany's (who's too whiny) pictures were certainly stronger than dione's. jaslene, is way skinny. if she comes across as that skinny on camera, imagine her in real life. shivers. and yeah, she is certainly mannish. natasha - well i don't really like natasha either. i don't really think she's pretty. there's something off, that doesn't make her attractive. i don't really care who wins, as long as it is not renee!
sanD13 sanD13 9 years
next week's the finale?? with 3 girls left? i thought they always choose between 2 girls. did they change it this season? anyway, i'm rooting for natasha. hopefully she'll kick their butts in the next episode
divinedebris divinedebris 9 years
I just want to see Renee kicked off. Ever since the first episode. Jaslene is ok, she is basically a one trick pony. My husband just thinks that she's a drag queen. I love Natasha. She's my favorite and I just absolutely loved that she was saved this week and Dionne was sent home. I'm so glad she got sent home. She was pretty but she had no appeal or talent. Jaslene and Renee's faces were fantastic when Natasha's name was called. i loved that. it was a rewind and play again scene. ha~
uacosj uacosj 9 years
I think Renee took a great picture. Jaslene is too damn skinny. Im so surprised that Natasha gave up like that. I cant believe she said that she gave it her all. Its obvious she didnt. She better step it up. But I think she is going to be the next to go.
SarahwithanH SarahwithanH 9 years
Why is this show still airing? How many America's Next Top Models can there be? It's getting a little ridiculous.
caroline_yeah caroline_yeah 9 years
If Jaslene wins it would be weird, because how come the skinniest contestant (ever?) in ANTM wins the 2-plus-sized-models cycle? Jaslene is boring, boring, boring. She's like a mantis, and her face is rather mannish. And yes, she only has one look. Renee is a bitch, but has such grace in the way she uses her body. She looks more like an actress than a high-fashion model. But she has the best body of the three. Natasha isn't really beautiful, i mean, her head is huge and among the three she has the worst body, but she photographs beautiful. In the last photo, she looked really beautiful, even though she was highly critisized, i wish i could look like that when sick. She's really confident, or maybe dellusional, because she tinks she's the most beautiful girl ever, and everything is a compliment to her. I don't know. I love/hate Natasha. I think the 3rd place is for Jaslene, and then, between NeNe and Nata, i think that Renee can walk with more "fierceness" than Natasha, hence she will win. Although I hope she doesn't, bitches don't deserve to win.
fashionista21 fashionista21 9 years
Natasha is definitely my fave but i'm kinda nervous for her after this week... Did you see Jaslene and Renee's faces when Dionne was out?! Priceless!
ash_marisa ash_marisa 9 years
Renee and Dionne were pretty fake. Natasha just seems closed off. She seems like she just wants to keep her private life private, and does not want ppl to judge her off it.
Livience Livience 9 years
Worst. Episode. Ever. The finale had better be good. NATASHA, ALL THE WAY!!!
gigglesss gigglesss 9 years
ok i really think Natasha should have gone.She didnt try at all in her photo shoot.and yeah she was sick..but sooooo wht.I do agree with the other girls on the show.She seems fake.Its just annoying. =\
JessNess JessNess 9 years
BTW why does Renee always have that head wrap on?????? Unless its for a religious reason, which I doubt, it needs to go
JessNess JessNess 9 years
Yeah it was pretty weak episode. Rene's pictures have grown on me but I still think she is one cold bitch. I love the fact that Jaslene tried out last season and did not make it and now is back and in the final three I LOVE Natasha. She is soooooooooo funny and weird. She puts a positive spin on EVERYTHING. Of course other girls are going to take this as being fake because apparently if you are a girl and you are not bitchy it must mean you are fake :oy: I really do not know who is going to win
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