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America's Next Top Model Reaction to Angelea

Buzz Blabber: Top Model Fans Are Glad Angelea Didn't Win

This week, the stories that got buzz readers talking the most were the America's Next Top Model finale and its winner twist, a refreshingly good episode of Glee and the adorable trailer for romantic comedy The Five-Year Engagement. See the spirited comments below!

Viewers are glad Angelea didn't win America's Next Top Model

  • "I'm so glad Angelea was disqualified. All she did was cry on the show and when she wasn't doing that she was hating on everyone else. I'm so glad that Lisa won!! She was my favorite from the start." — awesomepants
  • "I always threaten it, but if Angelea would've won, I couldn't have watched the show ever again. I didn't think Lisa should've won either. She's a great personality, but Allison was the better model." — likethedirection
  • "Neither yes nor no. I wasn't so much Team Lisa as I was Team Anyone But Angelea. Lisa works hard and clearly knows a lot about modeling, so I'm not opposed to her win, but I liked Allison a lot as well." — smartblonde

See what else got you talking after the jump.

This week's Glee pleases viewers

  • "This was so good! A bunch of people singing, and the characters acting more like themselves. I'm so glad to see Quinn hop off that crazy train, because I really enjoyed her storyline originally." — dreamalitledream
  • "I thought the music in this episode was great! I loved getting to see other characters getting to be in the spotlight for the sectionals performance, but my absolute favorite song was "We Are Young." First, I loved that song in general, but it was also great to finally see all of New Directions singing together again! I've probably listened to that song at least 20 times today while finishing up stuff for all my final projects." — scubagurl7
  • "I didn't realize how much I missed Sam! I was so disappointed when he was (fired?) because it meant no Sam/Mercedes. I'm thrilled it seems they're getting another shot. This has Grease episode written all over it. New Directions deserved to win because they really showcased themselves as a group and not just a showcase for one or two talents." — ChelMarie

The Five-Year Engagement trailer delights

  • "This looks hilarious!" — nylorac
  • "Don't care much for the plot but I really love seeing Jason and Emily together." — awesomepants
  • "I may be partial since I'm a Michigan alum, but I can't wait to see this movie!" — Lizzie Fuhr

Photo courtesy of The CW

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