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America's Next Top Model Rundown: Episode 5, "The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights"

America's Next Top Model Rundown: Episode 5, "The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights"

America's Next Top Model Rundown: Episode 5, "The Girl Who Is Afraid Of Heights"

After last week's thrilling makeover episode, this week's America's Next Top Model was actually a bit of a bore. Is it just me, or are they devoting less and less time to the girls interpersonal drama? Maybe these aspiring models just aren't as boozy as some of the older seasons meaning fewer late night antics. So without further ado, here's what went down last night:

Benny Ninja was in full effect last night taking the girls for a trampoline lesson on how to pose while moving before their challenge. The girls were then brought to an ice skating rink and told to convey emotions while being lifted over the ice by an Olympic figure skater. Good times. Overseeing the event was Cycle 7 winner, Dani, who has certainly followed through on those speech lessons. All the girls seemed totally awkward with the challenge, most of all Heather, who kind of froze up whenever the guy tried to lift her. Lisa won, making all the other girls, most especially Ambreal, upset. There were tears, but that is to be expected.

For the actual photoshoot, the girls were brought to the roof of a hotel in downtown LA, where they would be posing (nowhere near the edge, mind you) as "fashion gargoyles." I kid you not. Ambreal was having a bit of a fit, being scared of heights and all, but...wait for it...she overcame her fear. Also, did I mention they didn't seem to be anywhere near the edge? Too bad for her it didn't' do much for her photos. Ebony continued to have no personality, but look great on film while Heather stuck with her tried and true profile shot. Out of nowhere, I think Chantal might have been my favorite and Jenna wasn't so bad herself. Way to go, blondes!

To see a whole gallery of all their shots, hear who lost and my guess on who is next to go just

Thankfully Saleisha learned how to hold her head high with that haircut (thereby allowing us to see her face, like, at all). Sarah didn't look great in her shot, nor does she seem to carry herself particularly well, but they're keeping her around for at least another week. I will say, that I love me some Lisa-tude.

Ambreal was in the bottom two, but Janet got the boot. Probably a good call because I literally didn't even know she was on the show until this week.

Next week: my guess is that Sarah or Ebony will be kicked off. Then again, I've never once predicted correctly.

What did you think? Loving the photoshoot? Have a favorite girl yet? Wish that Bianca would shut her mouth? Me too. Also, don't miss the Team group to much more ANTM fun.

Photo courtesy of The CW

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