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The Most Twisted American Horror Story: Coven Moments of the Whole Season

Jan 31 2014 - 8:57pm

It's been a wild season of American Horror Story [1], and we're still reeling from Coven's big finale episode [2]. The show featured a lot of shocking moments, and then there's the stuff we didn't even think you could do on TV. The fantastically witchy season crossed all sorts of boundaries, and we're going to talk about all the most twisted scenes of all. Hold onto your pointy hats — this is about to get real.

— Additional reporting by Shannon Vestal

Madame LaLaurie's Attic of Horrors Reveal

Coven begins on a really disturbing note with Madame Delphine LaLaurie. She's at the peak of her career as a New Orleans socialite, but her primary pleasure in life isn't entering high society; it's torturing slaves in her attic. Various men are locked in cages with horrifying wounds, and she just struts around proudly.

Madame LaLaurie Creates a Minotaur

Not only does Madame LaLaurie have her own torture chamber, but she also really insists on doing the dirty work herself. In the very first episode, LaLaurie creates her own minotaur [3] by affixing a bull's head over one of her slave's bodies. That's the moment we knew this season would be an interesting one.

Madison Crashes a School Bus Full of Dudes

Another shocking event from the first episode? Madison is drugged and date-raped [4] by a group of frat boys from the nearby college. Once she regains consciousness, she exacts revenge by flipping over a bus carrying the frat boys. She kills seven, including Zoe's crush, Kyle.

Madison and Zoe Frankenstein Kyle Back to Life

Don't worry about Kyle; he doesn't stay dead for long. Madison and Zoe creep into the morgue and, using the limbs of his fraternity brothers, sew Kyle back together [5]. All better now! (Not really.)

Cordelia and Hank Have Crazy Voodoo Sex

Here's something we certainly did not need to see. Cordelia and Hank are struggling to get pregnant, and, having exhausted all other options, she turns to black magic. In a dizzying sequence of fire and black demon eyes [6], the couple gives dark magic the old college try. It's less loving and more terrifying.

Kyle's Mom Molests Him

Twisted mother-son relationships abound this season. Zoe returns Zombie Kyle to his home, thinking she's doing him a favor, but his home is actually the most dangerous place he could be. The reunion turns weird then deeply disturbing when Kyle's mom gets in bed with him [7] and starts touching him. Zombie Kyle is full of raw emotion and reaction, and by the end of the episode, he bludgeons her to death with a trophy.

Madame LaLaurie Kills a Baby, Then Moisturizes With Its Blood

Can't stop, won't stop. Madame LaLaurie doesn't deal well with insubordination, and when one of her slaves has a baby boy, allegedly fathered by her husband, she kills it. Then she uses the baby's blood as face moisturizer [8], which she applies in front of his mother.

Spalding Cuts His Own Tongue Out

Were you wondering why Spalding is a mute? No? American Horror Story tells you anyway. Turns out Spalding cut his own tongue out [9] to protect young Fiona. He even does the deed in front of Fiona to show his commitment. His last words: "I have always loved you."

Joan Gives Luke a Clorox Enema

Neighbor Joan is hyperreligious, and after catching son Luke talking to the witches one too many times, she decides to give him a good cleansing "from the inside out." She proceeds to give him a Clorox enema [10], and, remarkably enough, he doesn't even really fight her on it.

Myrtle Melon-Balls the Council's Eyes Out For Cordelia

Myrtle kills two birds with one stone when she hatches a plan to punish her former Council members and give Cordelia her sight back at the same time. She slips the Council a paralytic [11] and scoops their eyes out with a melon baller. They can feel all the pain; they just can't move. Later, she presents the eyes as a gift to Cordelia.

Fiona Slices Madison's Throat

Fiona takes Madison under her wing for a hot second before turning around and murdering her. At first, the cancer-stricken Supreme asks that Madison put her out of her misery, but when Madison falters with the knife, Fiona grabs it and slits Madison's throat [12].

Zoe, Kyle, and Madison Are a Throuple

Madison and Zoe don't get out much, and they end up both falling for the zombie under their own roof. Madison is the first to seduce him, but after Zoe walks in on them, they eventually invite her to join them [13]. Yes, this means Zoe is having sex with not one, but two zombies.

Queenie Shoots Herself in the Head to Kill Hank

Witch hunter Hank goes off his rocker, and in an attempt to please his hard-core father, he goes on a shooting rampage in Marie's salon. Things don't go quite as he plans when human voodoo doll Queenie shoots herself in the head [14] and kills Hank. Sorry we're not sorry, but Hank is awful.

Cordelia Stabs Her Own Eyes Out

Cordelia gets her sight back from the Council's eyes, but in doing so, she loses her sixth sense. After giving it a couple of days' thought, she stabs her new eyes out, hoping to regain her ability to see events of past and future. Is it too late to mention she doesn't actually have to do this?

The Axeman Kills Fiona — Psych!

Supreme down! In Coven's penultimate episode, the Axeman finds out Fiona has been planing to skip town without him. He doesn't take this news lightly, and he uses his weapon of choice to chop her into little pieces [15] and feed her to the alligators. We can't say Fiona doesn't have it coming, but it's still shocking. Fast forward to the finale and this actually doesn't happen. It's just a memory Fiona plants in The Axeman's head.

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