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American Horror Story Recap "The Coat Hanger"

American Horror Story: The Most Insane Moments of "The Coat Hanger"

A lot has happened in the aftermath of last week's holiday-themed episode, with the most significant change being Sister Jude's major demotion. She wakes up shackled and restrained in a cell as a Briarcliff patient, in one of those "this is my worst nightmare realized" kind of scenes. Too bad for her, it's reality. You could call it karma, but I call it a setup. While things may be looking grim for Sister Jude, Lana and Kit get their first real chance at escaping Briarcliff, Bloody Face, and the electric chair.

But a silver lining is never what it seems on American Horror Story, and the gruesomeness doesn't let up this week, either. At least we get an explanation for the aliens (finally!), and it could be connected to that other seemingly rogue story line: Dr. Arden's Nazi experiments. Let's break down the most insane moments after the jump.

  • We meet the modern-day Bloody Face! Dylan McDermott makes his official return to the show, and what a return it is. The episode opens with his character, Johnny Morgan, sitting down with a therapist. But before they discuss rates and whether or not she charges on a sliding scale, he reveals that he's been skinning and killing women in his downtime. And his name's not Morgan, but actually Thredson, making him the son of Bloody Face. Concurrently, we see flashes of him working his magic on his most recent victim, Teresa — remember her?
  • The tables have turned on Sister Jude. Dr. Arden and Sister Mary Eunice's plan to frame Sister Jude for murdering Frank, the guard Sister Mary Eunice actually killed, works like a charm. Even the monsignor is in on it, telling Sister Jude that she's become paranoid and unhinged, and that she'll be living out the remainder of her days at Briarcliff, but as one of the crazies.
  • Lana tries to perform an abortion on herself with — you guessed it — a coat hanger. It's understandable that Lana wants to get rid of her baby, considering the father is a serial killer who raped her and all, but it becomes leverage when she tells Thredson about it. He begs her to keep it, but she threatens to abort unless he confesses to being Bloody Face. After he explains why and how he chooses his victims ("her skin was fuzzy like a peach, and I wanted to feel it"), Kit comes out from the corner and plays it all back on a recorder. They finally get the proof but hold off on celebrating because Thredson soon escapes, with the help of Sister Mary Eunice.
  • Dr. Arden and the aliens may have something in common. After Dr. Arden discovers hard evidence of the aliens in the form of footprints, he pieces together why they took Kit. Apparently, they've been using Kit as a subject in their experiments with eugenics, a science that strives to improve the hereditary qualities of a race or breed — something that a crazy Nazi scientist might be familiar with.
  • Grace is alive, and nine-months pregnant. Dr. Arden and Kit hatch a plan to summon the aliens, because Arden is curious and Kit is hoping it'll be his chance to see Alma again. At first their plan seems to be working, as bright flashes and vibrations come from behind Dr. Arden's secret holding cell. When he opens the door, however, he discovers not little green men but Grace, healthy, alive, and nine-months pregnant. Oh, and remember Pepper? She might be working for the aliens.
  • Leigh crucifies the monsignor. Just when you think the Christmas-loving serial murderer has reformed, he reveals that he's more twisted than ever. Immediately after he's baptized by the monsignor, Leigh drowns him in the baptism pool. A poor, unsuspecting janitor finds the monsignor literally crucified at the end of the episode, and guess who follows closely behind? It's the dark cousin!

What did you think of this week's episode? Do you think Lana and Kit's recording of Thredson's confession will ever see the light of day? And what could the connection between Dr. Arden and the aliens possibly be?

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