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American Horror Story Recap of "Fearful Pranks Ensue"

American Horror Story's Most Twisted Moments

Halloween has invaded American Horror Story! Of course, isn't every day Halloween for the coven? This week's episode begins in 1961, a time when the social dynamics in New Orleans were very different. There's a lot of subtext about the separation between the voodoo witches and the white witches, and we get a peek at what Marie Laveau can do when she gets really mad. Trust me, it's all kinds of Hocus Pocus up in here. Back in the present, Queenie is recovering from her minotaur attack (guess he didn't kill her) and the Council on Witchcraft has shown up on the doorstep of Miss Robichaux's Academy. I can't begin to imagine why!

This Halloween-themed episode is all over the place. Not only is there mayhem and mischief at the Academy, but Zoe accidentally lets Kyle go, and now he's running free in the land of trick-or-treaters. We also see what Cordelia's husband gets into when his wife isn't around, and in a completely unrelated segue, American Horror Story alum Alexandra Breckenridge is back! Let's discuss all the twisted details after the jump.

  • Marie resurrects zombies to murder some murderers. What do a flapper, a Confederate soldier, and a Native American warrior all have in common? They've all been brought back from the dead to heinously tear out the intestines of some racist hillbillies! Seriously though, the tragic hanging is a rough intro to a considerably playful episode. I'm glad to see Marie gets some true voodoo justice.
  • Fiona sends the minotaur's severed head to Marie. Fiona doesn't take kindly to Marie's errand boy attacking one of her witches, so she sends it back. It's clever, but a little sad since that minotaur has been with Marie for centuries. Side note: did the head blink at her?
  • Hank shoots his booty call. Let's recap what we've learned about Cordelia's husband, Hank, up until this episode: he's cute and he's really supportive of her reproductive issues. Here's what we learn about Hank this week: he's fooling around on Cordelia with some chick (Breckenridge), who he met on an online fan community for Thomas Kinkade paintings. After the fooling around ensues, he shoots her point-blank in the head. That is all.
  • Spalding cuts his own tongue out. Turns out Myrtle and Fiona were once nemeses at Miss Robichaux's, and when the Council (including Myrtle) comes in for a hearing about Madison's disappearance, Fiona's fiery-haired enemy dredges up the past. Back to '71, the year Fiona kills her Supreme predecessor. In order to protect Fiona, Spalding cuts out his own tongue to prevent himself from testifying against her. His last words: "I have always loved you." That's straight-up creepy, but who else kind of wanted to pause the screen to get a better look at the severed tongue socket?
  • Spalding is keeping Madison, Psycho-style. Wondering where the recently deceased Madison has gone? No worries, she's just propped up in Spalding's doll-filled room having tea in her pink bra. She's not all alone, either. Spalding has joined her, dressed in what is either a giant baby's outfit or someone's grandmother's nightgown. I, like Spalding, have no words.
  • Someone throws acid in Cordelia's face. Aw, just when we were having fun! Cordelia is having a lovely time playing truth or dare with her mother at the bar when she heads to the restroom and boom! Someone in a cloak tosses a burning liquid in her face. Clearly this is someone from Marie's voodoo sect, right?
  • The Academy is under siege. In retaliation for her dead minotaur, Marie has sent a Halloween treat to Miss Robichaux's: tons of zombies, including Madame LaLaurie's long-dead daughters. This episode ends inconclusively, so we'll all have to wait until next week to see how the witches defeat their lawn full of zombies, and if Zoe ever finds Kyle. Now that's twisted.
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