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Watch All the American Horror Story: Freak Show Teasers in One Place

Sep 29 2014 - 2:00pm

American Horror Story: Freak Show [1] is coming on Oct. 8, and we've gotten tons of trailers over the weeks. Between the official character pictures [2] and snaps of the first episode [3], we have a good idea of what this Freak Show is about to look like. The latest teasers feature creepy clowns and bizarre body deformities, so just more of the usual. Check out all the spine-tingling teasers that have been released so far!

Source: FX [4]

"Let It Out"

Is it going out or in?

"Strange Twist"

Things you did not learn in gymnastics class.

"Hand in Hand"

Would these be the hands of Jimmy Darling?


Well, this is a lot.

"Tweaked Clown"

This isn't that scary, but it's weird.


There's a lot of leg happening here.

"Two Faced"

My brain can't quite comprehend this.

"Back to Back"

Unusual, as usual.

"Twisted Swinger"

Nightmare time.

"Peek a Boo"

I don't want any part of this viewing party.


This kid is creepy. I like her.

"Big And Small"

Just some typical Freak Show business.


The extended trailer featuring the actual cast.

"Twisted Smile"

Ryan Murphy wasn't kidding when he said he was introducing the most terrifying clown ever.

"Head to Toe"

This looks like it hurts. Also, that's definitely a third leg.

"Open Wide"

NOPE to this clown.

"Sword Swallower"

Did that guy just . . . oh, yes, yes he did.


Is it just us, or are these teasers getting more and more sinister?


The three-legged lady stars.


The second teaser features an unusual tongue.

"Admit One"

The first teaser offers you your ticket to the Freak Show.

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