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American Idol Elimination Top 7

American Idol: Was the Right Person Voted Off?

Let's get right to the most important part of this week's elimination show, the homecoming of one of American Idol's finest graduates: Taylor Hicks. Oh right, I guess Kris Allen was there too, and after a couple contestants were sent to the dreaded bottom three stools, LMFAO treated us to a performance of their new single, "Sorry For Party Rocking."

Hollie Cavanagh, Elise Testone, and Colton Dixon were in the bottom three. Hollie and Elise had been there before, but this was Colton's first time . . . which made it especially shocking when he was sent home! The person who was most disappointed? Probably Phillip Phillips, whose teary expression they panned to after it was announced that America had ousted his bro. Personally, I didn't see Colton winning this season, but he got pretty far for a guy who didn't even plan on auditioning in the first place. What do you think, was it too soon to send Colton home?

Photo courtesy of Fox

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gd101 gd101 5 years
Sad, I really liked him!
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
 @Harmonia ME TOO!!!!! HE SHOULD BE.....they should have saved that vote instead of using it last week.....They only reason they said they were def. using it was because "THEIR JOSHUA" was in bottom three last week. It was so obvious....WHICH HE SHOULD HAVE GONE HOME WEEKS AGO!!!!!! The judges were then stuck to saving because they slipped up and said they were def. using it.,before they saw who was safe still.... they could have sent JESSICA HOME....then they could have saved COLTON LAST NIGHT!!!!! If it would have been Elise w/ chance of going home last week....then I wonder if they would have used the SAVE!!!!! I would hope so.....since they said they were def. using it.    ELISE shouldn't be in the Bottom three ever.,she doesn't deserve to be in bottom three.... She is so amazing. LOVE HER.....  SAME WITH PHIL he is so amazing., LOVE HIM :)   
TRH37 TRH37 5 years
I'm so EXTREMELY upset. COLTON should have NEVER gone home last night., He should be in the FINALLY with PHIL, ELISE...... If anyone should go home it's JOSHUA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!     I'm not into Country but SKYLAR at least tries to bring it every week. JOSHUA puts me to sleep every week..... No FLAVOR to his voice, No SOUL, No PERSONALITY. I don't and I know I wouldn't buy one of his CD's SORRY TO HIS FANS........   BUT, PHIL and ELISE better make it to the end or I'm going to be very upset.......   ;(  THEY HAVE TRUE TALENT, they aren't afraid to be themselves which they both have so much SOUL and PERSONALITY in their voices...I could listen to them sing all the time and I will def. be buying whatever they put out there. :)    WHY? Do the Judges keep praising JOSHUA.....I DONT AND NEVER WILL UNDERSTAND why they keep pushing him on AMERICA...... I think he has the worst voice on the show right now. He really puts me to sleep....JESSICA and HOLLIE can sure sing.....they just need to sing more things their bring in the votes. Jessica needs to get more into her music. I know she is young and that comes with time. But, she is too bland.....HOLLIE......just needs to get past the FEAR.....and that is also in time.....but both girls can really sing. :) 
Harmonia Harmonia 5 years
I'm so sad, I hoped he would be in top 3
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